Sex/Life Season 2 Finally Has a Premiere Date—and a Super Steamy Teaser

Sarah Shahi, Mike Vogel and Adam Demos' love triangle promises an even sexier season two when Sex/Life returns March 2 on Netflix.

By JD Knapp Feb 02, 2023 8:08 PMTags
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Sex sells—and we're sold on Sex/Life.

It's been more than one-and-a-half years since Sarah Shahi, Mike Vogel and Adam Demos' love triangle last graced our screens, but Netflix is officially ready to steam things up again.

That's because the streamer just dropped both a teaser and a premiere date for the second season after months of build-up. Turns out, season two will officially be available for your viewing pleasure March 2.

"Not everyone has it, the desire to wake up, stop sleepwalking through our lives," Shahi's voiceover says in the clip released Feb. 2. "To stop trying to do the right thing, while denying our truth. But those of us who do, we tread in dangerous waters."

It ends, "Because once you wake up, once you get even just a tiny taste, there's no going back."

The show's main threesome will once again be joined by Margaret Odette, Li Jun Li and Jonathan Sadowski, as well as new additions Dylan Bruce, Cleo Anthony, Wallis Day, Darius Homayoun and Craig Bierko.

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Creator and showrunner Stacy Rukeyser previously celebrated the season two renewal, sharing, "I'm thrilled and grateful for the opportunity to continue telling this story for Billie, and for all of us."

The true story behind Sex/Life comes from the book, 44 Chapters About 4 Men by BB Easton. "That was the most cathartic experience for me," Easton told Oprah Daily of her memoir in June 2021. "It helped me form a bridge between my current life and the girl I used to be. I was living my current life, but I was writing about all these fun experiences and it helped me feel like I was the same person." 

Sex/Life season two comes back for more March 2 on Netflix.

An Almost Kiss

Adam Demos' Brad and Sarah Shahi's Billie get very close.

Red Light

Mike Vogel's Cooper looks conflicted in this red light.

Going Rogue?

Married Cooper cozies up to Li Jun Li's Francesca in this shot.

Keeping Their Distance

Billie and Brad have a chat in this sneak peek.

Smiling Trina

Amber Goldfarb's Trina smiles innocently in this season two image.

Totally Shirtless

Cleo Anthony's Kam takes his shirt off for Margaret Odette's Sasha.

Pure Ecstasy

Kam and Sasha enjoy each other in this new image.

Bedroom Chat

Darius Homayoun's Majid Mousavi makes a call from bed.


Wallis Day's Gigi gets close to Brad.

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