The Bachelor: What Happened When Bachelor Nation's Tahzjuan Hawkins Tried Joining the Cast

On the Jan. 30 episode of The Bachelor, Bachelor Nation's Tahzjuan Hawkins gave the new women some pointers—and then tried joining the competition herself. Find out how Zach Shallcross reacted.

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The Bachelor had its very own party crasher. 

On the Jan. 30 episode of the reality dating series, some of the women vying for Zach Shallcross' heart were whisked away to meet "Big Energy" rapper Latto, who told the ladies she was there to help bring out their "bad bitch energy."

Lo and behold, Latto had some back-up. Before the group could show off their bad bitchery, the music star announced, "There's more women coming on this date."

That's when Bachelor Nation alums Victoria Fuller, Courtney Robertson and Tahzjuan Hawkins hit the stage.

While Courtney—who got engaged to Ben Flajnik on season 16 of The Bachelor before they split in 2012, and married husband Humberto Preciado in October 2022—made it clear she was simply there to help Zach "find his baddie," Tahzjuan had something else up her sleeve.

"Zach is very cute, very easy if on the eyes," the Bachelor season 23 alum said. "If Zach said, ‘Come join my season,' I'd be like, ‘Buckle up. Everyone get ready.'"

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Rather than waiting, however, Tahzjuan decided to take things into her own hands.

After arriving on the scene at the after-party "to see if there's anything there with Zach," Tahzjuan immediately asked him for some alone time.

"I would love to add myself to the mix," Tahzjuan told Zach. "I just wanted to see where you're at."

Zach blurted out, "Wow, that's something new and interesting," before telling Tahzjuan he'd "have to think about it."

Unsurprisingly, the rest of the cast didn't take kindly to Tahzjuan trying to impede on their territory, so they confronted Tahzjuan about her intentions—and she was ready.

"I saw you guys on the stage," Tahzjuan told the women, "and it was just very painful to watch."


Ultimately, Tahzjuan's big swing didn't pay off, with Zach informing the other women, "I just wanted to let everyone know. Tahz wanted to join the group and I couldn't say yes to that. I'm establishing actual feelings with all of you women. I just wanted to let you know she is no longer here."

Tahzjuan didn't exactly take it well.

"It's just like, everyone else figures it out and finds their person," she said to a producer, while fighting off tears. "But like, I never do. I'm not going to cry. Bad bitches don't cry."

Chin up, bad bitch!

With Tahzjuan gone, Zach was free for a one-on-one date with Christina, where they bonded over Nickelback, took a helicopter ride and, in a strange turn of events, met Zach's entire family at a belated birthday party for his mom at Zach's childhood home. 

Nothing like diving in head first!

After browsing baby photos of Zach and playing some ping pong in the backyard, Zach and Christina retired for a romantic dinner alone—where Christina told Zach some big news.

"I do have a daughter," she revealed to Zach. "She is 5, almost 6. She is my world."

Zach, clearly ruffled, told Christina, "It's something I do need to think about because it scares me sh-tless."

ABC/Craig Sjodin

Eventually, Zach was able to talk through his emotions, and told Christina that he was still excited about potentially building a future with her.

"I really, really appreciated my time with you," Zach said. "I do want to offer you this rose because I think the world of you and I want to take the time with you because I think you're worth it. You are showing me signs of someone I really want to spend a long time with."

Following a second group date—which was filled with lots of making out and a rose for Jess—it was time for the second rose ceremony of the season. 

Before the roses were handed out, though, Brianna confronted Christina about a perceived dig during their first night in the mansion when Christina told Brianna, "I hate you," in relation to Brianna receiving America's first impression rose during last season's live Bachelorette finale.

Christina apologized for any miscommunication, but was taken aback by Brianna's anger—clearly setting the table for the season's first major feud.

"I'm not here for drama," Brianna said after receiving the ceremony's final rose. "I'm not here for BS. I'm here to be real. So, girls you better watch out."

Bad bitch alert.

The Bachelor airs Mondays at 8 p.m. on ABC.

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