Meghan King Reveals Why She Got Cosmetic "Enhancements" to Her Chest and Nose

Real Housewives alum Meghan King debuted multiple recent surgical procedures along with before and after photos. Find out why she went under the knife and see her new nose and chest.

By Brett Malec Jan 19, 2023 7:32 PMTags
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New Year, new look.

At least that's the vibe for Meghan King, who debuted before and after pics following some recent cosmetic procedures on Jan. 18.

"I guess it's easier to stay true to my #filterfree2023 commitment when I recently made some surgical and non-surgical 'filter' adjustments," The Real Housewives of Orange County alum shared with her followers on Instagram. "I've always been outspoken about any enhancements I've had (this time I wanted the fullness in my breasts back and a little cleavage, and since I was under anesthesia I opted to tweak the tip of my nose for a minor adjustment.) My chest is so wide so it always made me feel masculine on the outside but I felt so feminine on the inside and so decided to do this thing called ‘cosmetic enhancing.'" 

"I like feeling confident but I'm my biggest critic," the former Bravo star continued. "I'd love to look at my body and say, 'Wow, you're beautiful just the way you are,' and now, with the help of a breast implant exchange, a teeny rhino, and some Sculptra to keep my face plump, I do."

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King admitted she questioned if the procedures aligned with "the message of authenticity I want to always send and my answer is, yes, I think it does," adding, "Because living authentically doesn't have to make sense to others, my mind is allowed to change and I'm allowed to change."

She concluded, "The point is not that we judge one another for supposed inconsistencies, but celebrate their authenticity to themself. YOU. ME. We are our OWN bosses, we run our OWN shows, and we report to OURSELVES."

Along with her message, King shared a gallery of bikini-clad images showing her chest and nose pre and post-op and a video of her undergoing facial injections.

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