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You gotta love show runners. They like to keep us guessing. In the case of Chuck's Chuck Bartowski (Zachary Levi) and Sarah Walker (Yvonne Strahovski), it looks like there's no clear answer as to whether they will or won't be a couple finally next season.

"You know what they say?" cocreator and executive producer Josh Schwartz told us at Comic-Con. "Two steps forward, three steps back. The dance shall continue."

As does the verbal dance when talking about what's to come...

The three steps back goes like this: "We do have two major new arcs on the show. One is a potential love interest for Chuck, and the other is a potential love interest for Sarah," according to Josh.

Why can't these two just get together? It seems Sarah isn't happy about the latest developments. Yvonne told us, "There are going to be a lot more complications between Chuck and Sarah, now that he's downloaded his new intersect into his brain. I think that Sarah is going to be a little upset." Upset enough to run into the arms of another man? It's looking that way.

As Josh said on Saturday's panel (check out our story here), Chuck and Sarah are going to go through "something very emotional and traumatic," but "it's going to be very, very good." And cocreator and executive producer Chris Pedak also told us, "It'll be cool. It'll be deep, and it'll have a lasting affect on the show." Chris later added, "Between episode 222 and the first episode when we come back, episode 301, something cataclysmic will have happened in their relationship." So, that's the bad news.

Adding fuel to the fire further was our little chat with Ryan McPartlin (Devon "Awesome" Woodcomb) who, as we told you, will be entering the spy world. Well, guess what storyline he'd like to see? "As a spy, oh, I'm definitely going to have to romance the ladies," he told us in the pressroom. "Yvonne is going to have to help me with that hopefully." He then turned to her and said, "We'll be like the Mr. and Mrs. Smith episode you guys did," to which Yvonne played along saying that Awesome's new bride, Ellie (Sarah Lancaster), would get jealous and make for a cool storyline. "There's got to be drama. There's got to be conflict," continued Ryan. "What better way than to get us together? And maybe even kiss?"

Awesome and Sarah?! On behalf of Ellie, we veto this idea entirely...even if they were just riffing out loud.

Now, the two steps forward they mentioned: When a reporter asked Chris to please not tear Chuck and Sarah apart, Chris assured us, saying, "One of the things, as a writer on the show, is we've always found that Chuck and Sarah are awesome together. So trust me that we love having Chuck and Sarah together on the show."

Now, what do you think's to come for our favorite spy couple? Sort it out in the comments below.


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