Watch Paris Hilton Promote 2024 Summer Olympics Coverage in NBCUniversal Ad

Paris Hilton is helping NBCUniversal kick off its campaign for its coverage of the 2024 Olympics, which will be held in...Paris!

By Corinne Heller Jan 15, 2023 7:54 PMTags
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Paris Hilton promoting the 2024 Olympics in Paris? That's hot.

The next Summer Games are set to take place in the French capital and the 41-year-old stars in a new ad kicking off NBCUniversal's campaign for its upcoming coverage of the event.

In the promotional spot, released Jan. 14, the Paris in Love star stands inside a posh hotel room while wearing a sparkling, silver gown. She opens the doors to a terrace as a male voice states, "Next summer, the eyes of the world will be on..."

The former reality star then turns around and says, while giving a sultry look, "Paris." A montage of Olympic athletes and city landmarks is then shown, after which the star says, "Oh, the other Paris."

In addition to releasing the ad, NBCUniversal also dropped a video of outtakes from Paris' commercial shoot. "Paris, France? What the?" she asks, before she is seen holding a white Pomeranian wearing a pink jacket, telling the pup, "They should change the name, it's confusing."

Paris Hilton Through the Years

In another outtake, Paris asks the dog, "Can you believe they named the city after me?"

Finally, she incorporates her signature catchphrase, including its French translation. "Olympics in Paris? C'est chaud," she says. "Hmm. That's hot."

NBCUniversal, which owns the U.S. media rights to the Olympic Games through 2032, also unveiled the NBC Olympics logo for the 2024 Olympics in both videos. "With a timeless elegance and sophistication that is distinctly Parisian, the logo is evocative of a well-established couture fashion label," the company said in a press release. "The typography is rooted in French Art Nouveau letterforms with modern tapering and flair."

Paris, who is also the CEO of 11:11 Media, said in her own statement, provided in the same press release, "I'm thrilled to partner with NBC to help reveal the logo for the Paris Olympics. The Olympics are so iconic, and Paris is, of course, one of my very favorite cities so it's been really special to be able to participate in the countdown to get fans excited about the 2024 Games!"


The 2024 Olympics will take place between July 26 and Aug. 11, 2024. You can watch coverage on NBCUniversal networks and Peacock.

(E! and NBC Olympics are part of the NBCUniversal family.)

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