Why White Lotus Creator Mike White Refused to Answer Meghann Fahy’s Burning Question

During an appearance on The Tonight Show Jan. 11, The White Lotus star Meghann Fahy revealed the surprising reaction creator Mike White had to her question about the finale.

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Not even the stars of The White Lotus have all the answers. 

Meghann Fahy, who played Daphne on season two of the HBO anthology series, admitted she still had some lingering questions about some of the open-ended events from the finale. 

Here's a quick refresher: In the final episode, Ethan (Will Sharpe) confronts Daphne about his suspicion that his wife Harper (Aubrey Plaza) had hooked up with his close friend and Daphne's husband Cameron (Theo James). After taking a reflective moment to ponder, Daphne invites Ethan to a nearby island for a moment alone—but viewers are left to use their imaginations for the rest. 

As it turns out, Meghann had her own theory about what went down—which she took directly to White Lotus creator Mike White.

"It was really funny because I saw him on the night of the finale and I asked him, because people ask me all the time," Meghann said on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon Jan. 11. "I was like, ‘What do you think happened?' I told him what I thought happened. He was like, ‘Ew, I don't want to think about that.'"

The mystery deepens!

The White Lotus Season 2 Finale Spoilers

When asked broadly by host Jimmy Fallon if she thought anything developed between Daphne and Ethan on the island, Meghann said, "Yes, I think so." 

However, Meghann was quick to point out that she doesn't know for sure—because they never shot anything that ended up on the cutting room floor.

"Which is what's so cool about Mike," Meghann argued. "I feel like he's really interested in sort of like suggesting something and then letting the audience kind of decide how they feel about it. Sort of open to interpretation."

For the record, Will Sharpe also agrees that something definitely went down between his character Ethan and Daphne, telling Variety in December, "I feel like whatever happened, in a literal sense, that moment between them is definitely a moment of connection. It's a moment of intimacy. I think there's something about Daphne's sense of self, and the accommodation she has found with who she is, and how she's living. Something about that, I think, affects Ethan."

That island sure has a story to tell.

The second season of The White Lotus is available to stream on HBO Max.

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