Nicolas Cage Weighs in on the Possibility of a Face/Off Sequel

By Paige Strout Jan 09, 2023 7:41 PMTags
Watch: Nicolas Cage Says He's Ready to "Get Back in the Face Off Ring"

Nicolas Cage is ready for an onscreen rematch against former co-star John Travolta.

As the actor exclusively revealed on the Jan. 9 episode of E! News, "I would love to get back into the Face/Off ring." The 1997 sci-fi action flick starred Travolta as FBI agent Sean Archer, who swaps faces with his arch nemesis, terrorist Castor Troy (Cage), in hopes of taking him down.

And it appears that Cage already has a plot in mind for the follow-up film. "I think Face/Off is so unique and there's a lot to mention there that could be explored, especially dealing with the offspring of the characters," he explained. "It would be almost like three-dimensional chess, three different layers, with the kids and the parents and everybody trying to like face-off."

Not only does the idea of reprising his role as Castor/Sean excite the National Treasure alum, but so does the idea of reuniting onscreen with his fellow Oscar-nominated star.

"John I always saw as a kindred spirit of sorts, and so much fun to work with and real positive energy," Cage shared. "I don't know if I would look at it as it like master class as much as like just really fun."

The pair had such a fine time working together on the Face/Off set that Cage compared themselves to "two kids in the back of the school room, and we were able to get in trouble."

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While no plans for a Face/Off sequel are currently in the works, the 59-year-old has plenty of projects coming out in 2023 to keep fans entertained, including starring as Dracula in the upcoming horror-comedy Renfield—which hits theaters April 14—alongside Nicholas Hoult and Awkwafina.

But before then, Cage stars as cowboy Colton Briggs in the new action film The Old Way. The movie follows the former gunslinger as he faces off against the vengeful son of a man he killed.

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