SZA Sets the Record Straight on Feud Rumors With Taylor Swift

SZA cleared the air on whether or not she had "beef" with Taylor Swift as their albums SOS and Midnights, respectively, duel it out on the music charts.

By Angie Orellana Hernandez Jan 06, 2023 9:50 PMTags
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There's no bad blood here.

SZA clarified where she stands with Taylor Swift after rumors of a rivalry between the two, who both released albums in 2022, surfaced the internet.

"Uhh I feel silly that I even have to say this but i see supporters arguing and I hate that," she wrote on Twitter Jan. 5. "I don't have beef w ANYONE especially not Taylor lmao I genuinely loved her album and the writing!"

The 33-year-old continued, "Everyone's jus tryna do their BEST as we all should. LOVE TO EVERYONE. Gn."

Since SOS dropped in December, the "Kill Bill" singer has gone head-to-head on the music charts with Taylor's Midnights, which debuted in October. As of Jan. 2, SOS wrapped up its third consecutive week at No. 1 on the Billboard 200 charts, while Midnights followed closely behind at No. 2, according to Billboard.

A few weeks after her sophomore album's debut, the Grammy winner reflected on its success while thanking her fans for their tireless support.

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"I jus wanna say the way y'all been riding for me and genuinely wanna see me win / get my first number one means SO much," SZA tweeted Dec. 28. "Community is everything and I couldn't do any of this w out YALL THANK YOU I LOVE AND APPRECIATE YOU-"

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Chart-topping hits aside, SOS also marked another personal turning point for SZA—her decision to stop being a "nice girl."

"I think this album was partially inspired by love lost, but mostly inspired by my departure from attempting to be a nice girl," SZA told the Rolling Stone Music Now podcast during its Dec. 18 episode. "I've tried to be a nice girl for so long and it's just not who I am, inherently. And I think I've done nice things and I am a kind person, but I'm not a nice girl. And that's okay."

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