Olivia Colman Reveals the One Item She Stole from The Crown Set

Olivia Colman may have moved on from The Crown after season four, but she still carries a piece of the show with her. Find out what memorable keepsake she took from set.

By Daniel Trainor Dec 31, 2022 12:11 AMTags
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Olivia Colman performed her very own royal heist. 

The Oscar winner, who played Queen Elizabeth II on seasons three and four of Netflix's The Crown, managed to snag a special memento before she left Buckingham Palace behind for good.

The third season of The Crown opens with a shot of Olivia—in our first glimpse of her as the late Queen—admiring a new stamp design with her face on it. As it turns out, the scene played out very similarly in real life.

"On my first day on The Crown, which was about the stamp thing," Olivia explained Dec. 29 on The Graham Norton Show, "there was an envelope on the desk and it was ‘To her Majesty, the Queen' and it had my face on a stamp."

Because The Crown is so keen on detail, Olivia means it was her actual face, as the Queen, on the stamp, not Elizabeth's. 

After admiring the craftsmanship, Olivia revealed, "It was a lovely props person who said, ‘I'm not allowed to do this, but take that.'"

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As for where the keepsake is currently displayed, it's probably not in a place of great prominence—at least if Olivia's treatment of her own Oscar statuette is any indication.

Olivia told host Graham Norton that she keeps her 2018 Best Actress trophy "in the cupboard," explaining, "it feels a bit ostentatious to have it out."

Don't fret, Olivia allowed herself to bask in her Oscars glory—for a little while, at least. 

"It was out for the first year," she said, "but I think after that you should crack on, forget it happened and keep working."

All five seasons of The Crown—including seasons three and four starring Olivia as Queen Elizabeth—are available to stream on Netflix. 

The sixth and final season is currently in the works. 

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