Everything We Know About Emily in Paris Season 4

The bright lights have barely dimmed on season three of Emily in Paris, but we're already looking forward to season four—especially after that shocking season finale. Find out what we know!

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Nobody does a cliffhanger quite like Emily in Paris

After a third season filled with enough dramatic twists and turns to make even the most self-serious Parisian a little dizzy, the addictive Netflix series ended with Camille (Camille Razat) calling off her wedding to Gabriel (Lucas Bravo) during their vows, admitting she always knew Gabriel and Emily (Lily Collins) were in love.

The suspense, of course, didn't end there. Come on, this is Emily in Paris after all. 

Post-almost wedding, Gabriel and Emily finally had some time together (great!) during which Gabriel told Emily that Camille was pregnant (not great!), which put any hopes for romance abruptly on hold.

All of this left sweet, dapper Alfie (Lucien Laviscount) single and down in the dumps after breaking things off with Emily after her real feelings about Gabriel were out in the open.

Si dramatique!

So, what's in store for our fave French friends in season four? We've gathered every morsel of information about the future of Emily in Paris and compiled them all in one spot.

Secrets of Emily in Paris

If you haven't already binged the show, all three seasons of Emily in Paris are available to stream on Netflix.

Once you've done that, break off a piece of baguette and keep scrolling for everything we know about what comes next in season four.

Everything We Know About Emily in Paris Season 4
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