11 Essentials For Making & Taking On Your 2023 New Year's Resolutions

From notebooks for writing lists in to a face mask to treat yourself with after every accomplishment, here are 11 must-haves for making New Year's resolutions.

By Sophy Ziss Dec 29, 2022 5:55 PMTags
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It's here again! The time of year where we start thinking about what we want to have accomplished by this time next year. In other words: Time to make our New Year's resolutions. If the top of your list of resolutions reads "actually make some resolutions," then I have some good news for you. It's called...drumroll, please....this list.

After all, if you're going to take on self-care, health, and the world in 2023, you're going to need to prepare. No one just jumps right into regular facial appointments and yoga classes and volunteering and shopping locally. Unless, maybe, you're a celebrity, and you can literally afford to do all of that with unlimited free time.

For the rest of us, though, we have reality. And if we're going to begin following through on our commitments, first we have to, you know, commit to it.

Tired? Me too. The whole holiday season-NYE-actual New Year triangle can take a lot out of us. So what I'm trying to say is, I made a list of essentials for making and taking on New Year's resolutions in 2023. Small, simple steps add up to big ones!

So put your hair in a ponytail, put on your sneakers, and click that pen. It's time to get ready to get to work.

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Good Side The Classic Scrunchie

First and foremost: A big scrunchie. Good Side's bestseller "The Classic" will secure your strands with style, allowing you to focus on the task(s) at hand without needing to fuss with flyaways.

Smythson Grey Soho Pocket Notebook

There's nothing like a high-quality notebook for recording and reviewing lists. This gorgeous one from Smythson boasts a smooth grey cover and can easily slip into your purse for checking off to-dos on the go.

Erin Condren Hello Kitty Notebook

If your notebook vibe is more "cute and fun" over "polished and professional" (not that they have to be mutually exclusive!), this Hello Kitty spiral design from Erin Condren is the one for you. 

Converse Pink All Star Move Hi Top Sneakers

If your list of resolutions looks anything like mine typically do, you'll be pretty busy from the jump. These pink platform Converse ensure that you'll always stay on-trend, even while running from task to task.

Bubble Skincare Water Bottle

Is drinking more water on your list? Is your list really long? Are you looking at a month of workout classes, nights out, and self-care? This petite water bottle is the perfect companion to all of that. You'll stay appropriately hydrated (not overly so) and ready for anything you've lined up for the day.

Krazy Pop Iridescent Metallic Gel Pens

Oh, and if you're writing things down by hand, you'll probably need some fresh pens to go with it. These shimmering metallic ones make charting even the most mundane task something to look forward to. Also, there's a ton of them, so you have colors to choose from, and you don't have to worry about any going missing.

Chapstick You Are My Hero Lip Balm Set

Inspirational Chapsticks to both motivate and reward yourself. What else is there to say? Oh, it's a set of three, so there's one for your purse, desk, and bedside table. It's like having self-encouragement in stereo. The kind that also nourishes your lips during all of that task-accomplishing in wintry weather.

HoMedics Therapist Select Plus Percussion Massager

Now, there's a non-zero chance that all that regimen-following will leave you a little sore. Treat yourself to some relaxation (and help yourself keep going!) with this handheld massage gun.

Nest Fragrances Cedar Leaf & Lavender Classic Candle

Settling in after a long day of stuff-doing? Set the mood for yourself with a refreshing scent from a fancy Nest candle. It's the least you deserve!

Threshold x Studio McGee Woven Striped Knit Throw Blanket

Once you've got the candle lit, take a moment to really curl up and appreciate all of the hard work you've been doing for yourself. We recommend this easygoing throw for that.

Skin Gym Reusable Face Mask

Look, if you're going to make it all the way through your list for real this year, you're going to need to take it easy on yourself, too. Celebrate the small win every time with this reusable (aka, environmentally friendly) mask from Skin Gym.

While you're making your New Year's Resolutions, don't forget to buy gifts for the Capricorn bestie whose birthday *probably* gets lumped in with the other celebrations this time of year.

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