LeAnn Rimes, Dean Sheremet

Richard Harding, PacificCoastNews.com

You mean those tender PDAs were just for the cameras? We feel so used! 

No one's using the D-word yet, but it turns out that LeAnn Rimes and her husband of seven years, Dean Sheremet, have been "separated for quite some time now," according to a pal of Rimes who shared the "news" with People.

"But they continue to try and work through their relationship," the friend added.

Let's pretend for a moment that this is an isolated incident that has nothing to do with rumored Rimes paramour Eddie Cibrian and his wife, Brandi Glanville, announcing their own split this week.

OK, we've pretended. Done with that now.

Rimes admitted to trouble in paradise earlier this year, but never acknowledged any hanky-panky between her and the hunky Cibrian, with whom she starred in the Lifetime movie Northern Lights.

"I would like to assure all of you that this is a place for you to hear things directly from me and as you all know, not everything in our lives is always black and white," Rimes wrote on her website in March.

And though Glanville turned up the volume on those cheatin' allegations, and now has come to the conclusion that Cibrian and Rimes "deserve each other," as recently as last month Rimes was denying divorce rumors.

But maybe she just didn't see what the rush was because she was already living alone.


The world may be losing a marriage, but it looks as if we're gaining a photo for our Big Celebrity Splits gallery.

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