How Rob Dyrdek and Wife Bryiana Created a "Nonstop Christmas Extravaganza" for Their 2 Kids

In an exclusive interview with E! News, MTV star Rob Dyrdek delivered a rare look into his family's ridiculously good holiday celebrations: "I want to keep making it better and better."

By Mike Vulpo Dec 22, 2022 2:30 PMTags
Watch: Why Rob Dyrdek Calls His Family's Christmas a "Nonstop Extravaganza"

Scrooges will call it straight up ridiculousness. Rob Dyrdek prefers to call it a holiday extravaganza.

One day after Halloween, the MTV star and his wife Bryiana Dyrdek, 31, immediately transformed their home into a winter wonderland for their two kids Kodah, 6, and Nala, 5.

"When you go for a life size, full-fledged, full-scale Santa and it shows up at your house on Nov. 1 every year, it's when the spirit really, really hits you," Rob, 48, exclusively told E! News. "I used to be a, 'We don't start Christmas till after Thanksgiving' guy. Then I realized, why waste a month of the Christmas spirit?"

While the couple has offered a sneak preview into their magical celebrations on Instagram, Rob assured fans that there's a lot more than what meets the eye. 

From several family photoshoots with matching outfits to Christmas trees and life-size decor in multiple rooms, everywhere you turn is a holiday celebration for the Dyrdeks.

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"It is nonstop Christmas extravaganza from outfits to photo ops to adventures all the way through and this has been one of the most rewarding Christmases I've had to date," Rob proclaimed. "Not only is my wife pure expert level as it relates to planning and execution, but then the kids are 5 and 6—they're just basking in the spirit in the richest way."


As his two kids get older, Rob is already thinking ahead about how to keep the holly, jolly spirit alive during the holidays. The former professional skateboarder is currently designing a house around the Christmas experience.

"It has an indoor-outdoor atrium in the living room that is strictly designed around having a 15-foot Christmas tree," the Ridiculousness host teased. "I want the kids to be so connected to us and Christmas in our house that no matter where they go in life, they know that they've got to come back to feel the spirit that only their mother and father could create during the holiday season."

And one of the family's favorite holiday traditions is helping those less fortunate, with Rob sharing that every year they gift toys to foster kids.

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"We do an entire program where we go shopping with the kids and have them pick out all the toys that we're going to then give away," he explained. "Then we ask each year that they donate a certain portion of their toys. We really integrate them into that process of making sure that they know that this is a season of giving, not just receiving."


As 2022 comes to an end, Rob remains busier than ever as he celebrates the season and the success of his venture creation studio Dyrdek Machine. But through the hustle and bustle, he's hoping to pass along a priceless piece of advice to his children: Do what you love and love what you do.

"What I preach to my kids is we don't talk about school or work in this way of you have to do it," he said. "We talk about how much I love working and how lucky I am to be able to create and build all these companies. My greatest achievement is that I've been able to find extraordinary success by living a harmonious and balanced life."


In other words, you can have your holiday cake and eat it too. 

"My kids don't know how hard I work, but they know how committed I am to them and the family and the overall energy and love of our house," Rob added. "And to me that is the greatest representation of what is possible."