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Is Rob Pattinson's off-camera romance with Kristen Stewart again being quashed by the Twilight studio suits at Summit?

First, there's no doubt the New Moon crew stole the Comic-Con show yesterday. Despite even Johnny Depp making a surprise appearance, he was still no match for R.Pattz and his awkward charm, not to mention the sexy Brit's real-life romantic interest, K.Stew.

There was some unexplained tension going on between Robsten yesterday, since the real-life couple was entirely separated behind the scenes. Kristen chose to hang with abtastic Taylor Lautner instead.

So what's the inside info on this whole love mess?

Seems we here at the A.T. fell into the exact trap the studio suits were trying to set up.

"Right now, it's all about Taylor and Kristen," relayed an inside source involved in the selling of the whole Twilight movie phenomenon.

"People are pushing them together in the media and behind the scenes because the studio knows the whole world is watching all the time," dishes Deep Twi. "Rob and Kristen?—No."

Now, for any of you who don't believe in the old-fashioned art of reading and who haven't paged through the Twilight books, the next movie is almost entirely centered on Kristen's and Taylor's characters. Taylor even beefed up his bod, big-time, for the R.Pattz-threatening task at hand.


"Rob's physically almost never in the movie! The relationship between [Taylor and Kristen] is a huge part of the sequel, so fans need to get used to seeing them together. Not Kristen and Rob. That's the way it's going to be."

Well played, Summit. Or not?

Studly Lautner and K.Stew were even paired together for all the round-table interviews. Where we were wandering around yesterday, other press peeps were sure to be, too. Hence, why the big no-no on Robsten interactions. Company directed, by the by.

Even when they were all doing interviews off-site at their hotel, the Hard Rock, things were a bit more relaxed. Check out this Entertainment Weekly clip. Don't you all just love when K starts to poke fun at her boy halfway through?

Despite yesterday being a bit more regulated than we would have preferred, we don't think it's that big of a deal. Why? These kids are professionals first. And they're all damn good actors, don't forget. Let's let them do their pro thing the best they can. Still doesn't mean we aren't keeping an eye on Robsten (which very much still exists).

Oh, and Rob will be jetting back off to New York, by the way. Hopefully he gets some lovin' in before then. Or maybe he already has.


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