The Biggest Revelations About John Mayer's Love Life From His Call Her Daddy Appearance

John Mayer addressed misconceptions about his love life and shared that despite his perceived playboy persona, "Of course I want to get married." Read on for more revelations.

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Watch: John Mayer Addresses Misconceptions About His Love Life

John Mayer is ready to tackle the heavier things surrounding his love life.

The "Gravity" singer addressed misconceptions about his perceived Casanova persona during the Dec. 20 episode of the Call Her Daddy podcast. Though his stacked dating history—which includes past ties to Jessica SimpsonJennifer Aniston, Katy Perry and Taylor Swift—has made him seem somewhat of a playboy to the public, John shared he's privately always wanted a "deep, meaningful and secure" relationship with marriage as the endgame.

"Nope!" he said, when host Alex Cooper asked if he was afraid of commitment. "Of course I want to get married."

As a testament to how much he's been yearning for domestic bliss, 45-year-old went on to joke that he "can't wait" to fight about the dry-cleaning with his future wife.

"Nothing's hotter to be than conflict resolution," he explained. "I am horny for conflict resolution."

However, as he noted, getting hitched might be a difficult task these days seeing how he's shied away from dating in recent years.

"Dating is no longer a codified activity for me," John said. "I don't really date. I don't think that I have to, to be quite honest. I quit drinking like six years ago, so I don't have the liquid courage. I just have dry courage."

John Mayer's Surprising Dating History

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Is John Mayer Single?

During the intimate sit-down, John described himself as "currently single." And while he noted that he has been in love before, the musician said of his past romances, "I haven't really got to the part of relationship that was the 'smooth sailing' part. I have a feeling when I do, I'm gonna have a lot to work on—but I'll be excited to work on it."

What Is John Mayer Looking for in a Relationship?

"Every relationship I’ve ever been in was devoted to the idea that this could go the distance," John shared. "My entire life, today included, if you told me that I could have a great two months with someone but it would end on the first day of the third month, I would not be interested. I’ve always sought potential for a long-term relationship."

How Has Fame Affected John Mayer's Dating Life? 

Looking back at the start of his music career, John said he felt at the time that "approval" from women was a fleeting thing. "I was made to believe, growing up, that if somebody liked me, it was pretty much an accident and should be capitalized on," he explained. "So, I felt very deeply when somebody liked me."

And despite having "a couple of nameplates on me, like 'Lothario,'" Mayer said he "did invest myself" in several relationships.

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Who Is John Mayer's "Your Body Is a Wonderland" About?

Contrary to popular belief that the 2001 smash was written for a celeb girlfriend, John revealed the song is actually based on his "one and only high school girlfriend."

"That was about my first girlfriend," he shared. "I was 21 when I wrote that song and I was nostalgic for being 16."

As for how the rumor came to be? "It's one of those things where people just form that idea [and] it gets reinforced over the years," John said. "No, no, no, I have never met a celebrity when I wrote that song."

How Has Quitting Alcohol Affected John Mayer's Dating Style?

"You have to be honest," John explained. "You have to express yourself. You have to be really glaringly honest."

He added, "You have to express your anxieties. You can't just walk over them by drinking. You have to be like, 'This is what I'm anxious about.' And when someone in life accommodates your anxiety, that's bonding. I don't think I'm truly connected with someone until I freak out a little bit and they go, 'It's OK.'"

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