Emily in Paris' Camille Razat Reveals Her Season 4 Hope After Her Character's Big News

In an exclusive interview with E! News, Emily in Paris star Camille Razat shared what she'd like to see happen in season four after that cliffhanger ending. See what she had to say! (Spoilers.)

By Alyssa Ray Dec 24, 2022 2:45 PMTags
Watch: Emily in Paris Cast's Hopes for Camille & Emily in Season 4

Warning: This article features spoilers from Emily in Paris season three

Don't say "au revoir" to Camille and Emily's friendship just yet.

In fact, Emily in Paris star Camille Razat exclusively told E! News that she's staying optimistic about Camille's friendship with Lily Collins' Emily, despite the fact that things "are even more complicated" now that her character is pregnant.

Camille shared of her season four desire: "I hope that Emily and Camille stay friends, I do."

Lily appeared equally optimistic, pitching that Emily should babysit the little one—when the time comes.

Although, as co-star Ashley Park pointed out, maybe her character Mindy should be in charge of babysitting since she was already a nanny. Or maybe not, as Ashley further quipped, "She's not a good one."

The season three finale ended with a cliffhanger: After Camille dumped Gabriel (Lucas Bravo) at the wedding altar, she declared that Emily and Gabriel should be together as they're clearly in love. Though Emily and Gabriel admitted that there were real feelings there, the French chef noted that there was a fourth party to be considered—and we're not talking about Emily's British boyfriend Alfie (Lucien Laviscount).

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"There's something you don't know," Gabriel told Emily in the final moment of episode 10. "Camille didn't come back from Greece to revive our relationship. She came back to tell me that she's pregnant."

To which Emily simply replied, "Oh my god." Same, girl. Same.


As for why Camille chose to walk away from Gabriel, the actress who plays her explained to E!, "I think sometimes when you're in a relationship for such a long time, if there is lack of spiciness, if there is lack of passion, I think maybe it's time to move on."

See all the drama play out for yourself, as season three of Emily in Paris is now available to stream on Netflix.

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