Emily in Paris' Samuel Arnold Reveals He's Ready to See Julien "Win" After Surprising Finale

In an exclusive interview with E! News, Emily in Paris star Samuel Arnold weighed in on his character Julien's growing feud with co-worker Emily (Lily Collins). Spoilers!

By Alyssa Ray, Charlotte Walsh Dec 22, 2022 4:00 PMTags
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Warning: This article includes spoilers from Emily in Paris season three.

Julien may just be ready to put in his two weeks' notice at Agence Grateau.

Samuel Arnold, who plays trendy marketing expert Julien on Emily in Paris, hinted that the rivalry between his character and Lily Collins' titular Emily will only continue to escalate in the future.

"When they met each other, it's like there is this rivalry, which is bon enfant," he exclusively told E! News. "Like we say in French, it's just childish. There's nothing too serious about it, but they become real friends and allies. But there is something that doesn't really sit well with Julien, regarding Emily."

As he continued, Samuel noted that "a new color" will arise on Julien, as his character finds himself green with envy this season. In fact, Julien's frustrations with Emily interfering with his work pushes Julien to consider a potential new business opportunity in the season three finale.

And we have a feeling this opportunity has something to do with Madeline (Kate Walsh), as she was seeking a new French president for Savoir's Parisian office earlier in the season.

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Not to mention, Julien noticeably wrote the following email in English, not French: "I've considered your offer. Please do not discuss with anyone."

And with season four already approved by Netflix, Samuel has some big hopes for Julien.

"I'd really like for my character to just win professionally," he teased of what's to come, "and to set an example that a young man like him in an industry like that can really go far and touch the stars. I'm pretty sure that there are some people that view themselves when they see Julien and I'd love them to see Julien win."


While we wait to see what's next for Julien, catch up on seasons one through three of Emily in Paris on Netflix.

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