Makeup and Its Power to Transform

Why you should pursue an education in the specialized art and science of makeup artistry.

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Whether you are striving for financial, emotional or intellectual transformation—or shifting from one phase of your life to another—a powerful way to start your transformation may be following your passion by embarking upon a new career. For some, pursuing an education in the specialized art and science of makeup artistry, provides a perfect vehicle for accomplishing both.

Whether you are a makeup junkie or pro MUA, with makeup, there are no rules or limits. You can create flawless skin where scars and acne are obsolete, or you can turn yourself into the most grotesque of monsters. There are no gender, age, or ethnic boundaries. Anyone can use makeup to showcase their creativity and indulge in color and personal expression. For some, applying makeup is a source of power; it is one of the few things we have control over. For others, it is just part of the daily routine. Many agree that makeup has the incredible power to transform.

Some may think putting on makeup is shallow and, for others, a chore, but for most, it is the one time a day to focus on taking care of ourselves and doing what makes us happy. Makeup can highlight and enhance your individual and unique beauty. Makeup allows us to be who we want to be and embodies the best version of ourselves. It doesn't cover up your beauty; it draws out those things you find beautiful about yourself and allows your inner beauty to project outward.

While pursuing a career as a professional makeup artist can be lucrative, the power to transform others through their art form is what motivates them. Makeup artists help people see themselves in a light they could never have imagined and create a look for their clients they could never accomplish on their own. It is empowering for professional makeup artists to see clients smile, relax, feel beautiful and glamorous, or have the most incredible look on Halloween. Makeup artists can take risks, try new things, and create different looks that reflect the mood of their clients because, at the end of the day, it's just makeup, and it all washes off.

Professional makeup artists also enjoy the benefits of:

  • An Amazing Work Environment: Makeup artists get backstage access to events, including celebrity weddings, magazine photo shoots, music events, film sets, music video production sets, and more!
  • A Flexible Schedule: Successful makeup artists typically maintain a busy schedule—but they're in control of their schedule and often freelance, working when they want and for whom they want.
  • Travel: Certified, professionally trained makeup artists can work anywhere in the world. Often on-site for a film, television, or print work that may take them to many beautiful and exotic locations. And in most cases, you're traveling on someone else's dime.
  • A Creative Atmosphere: A makeup artist works alongside other artists and creatives. Makeup artistry is far from just making people look pretty. Often you are hired to transform someone into a character or monster through the application of body painting, airbrush makeup and prosthetics.

To become a professional makeup artist, you need more than just a love for makeup and its transformative powers. Anyone serious about having a successful career as a professional makeup artist understands that, like any profession, it requires the proper skills and education. 

There are only a few accredited makeup artistry schools that prepare aspiring makeup artists for careers in the many makeup artistry and special makeup effects industries. Having trained over 1,000 professional artists, with locations in Dallas-Fort Worth and Las Vegas, L Makeup Institute is one of the top makeup schools in the country.

"We are passionate about transforming lives through the education of makeup artists by empowering others to pursue what they love to do every day. This generation is so talented and creative. Our biggest reward is helping mold this raw talent into incredible artists and confident professionals. I am inspired every day by the growth of our students and cannot wait to see the amazing impact our graduates make in this industry we all love." —Lissette Waugh, founder.

The most rewarding part of furthering your education is discovering what you will love to do in life.