Watch "Blushing" Drew Barrymore React When Emily in Paris Star Lucien Laviscount Gets Flirty

Drew Barrymore was quite surprised when Emily in Paris's Lucien Laviscount threw flirtatious comments her way. See Drew react after Lucien offered to be her Darth Vader—Drew's childhood crush.

By Kelly Gilmore Dec 16, 2022 11:50 PMTags
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Drew Barrymore recently got a oui bit flustered by some flirty comments from an Emily in Paris star.

The Charlie's Angels actress was caught totally off guard when Lucien Laviscount, who plays Alfie in the Netflix series, complimented her during an appearance on the Dec. 16 episode of The Drew Barrymore Show.

The blush-worthy moment went down after Drew admitted  to cast members of Emily in Paris that her childhood crush was Darth Vader during the show. When Drew asked Lucien how he got his start in the industry, the British actor took his chance by quipping in the middle of his story, "I'll be your Darth Vader, by the way. Whenever you need."

As for how Drew reacted? Her jaw hit the floor and she teased, "Wow! We have to go to a quick break."

The 47-year-old then threw it back to Lucien asking him, "Who's your childhood fantasy, out of curiosity?" 

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And, yes, Lucien kept the flirty energy coming. He noted, "I'm living the dream right now."

The comment led Drew to put her hands over her face. While seemingly at a loss for words, she said with a smile, "This has never happened to me."

The Drew Barrymore Show

It appears Lucien's remarks not only left Drew quite speechless, but also quite charmed, as Emily in Paris star Philippine Leroy-Beaulieu, who was seated next to Drew during this exchange, exclaimed, "She's blushing!"

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Lucien and Drew's flirtatious conversation comes just two weeks after Drew revealed she is back in the dating game after being celibate for six years. 

The actress, who has been married three times—to Jeremy Thomas from 1994 to 1995, to Tom Green from 2001 to 2002 and to Will Kopelman from 2012 to 2016—shared the news to Whoopi Goldberg during the Dec. 1 episode of Drew's talk show, noting, "Because it had been so many years, I started to get a little worried." 

But just because Drew is dating again doesn't mean she doesn't enjoy being single. When Whoopi explained that flying solo isn't a bad thing, Drew replied, "I love it too much."

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