The Stars of Emily in Paris Reveal Their Travel Destination Ideas for the Show

In exclusive interviews with E! News, the cast of Netflix's Emily in Paris reveal where they'd like to see the show travel in future seasons—including one idea about potential spinoffs.

By Daniel Trainor Dec 16, 2022 10:15 PMTags
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Emily in...Rome?

While the first three seasons of Emily in Paris—the third of which drops Dec. 21 on Netflix—have stuck to the blissful and romantic confines of France, the show's ensemble cast is hopeful that future seasons might earn them a few extra stamps in their respective passports.

"We could go anywhere!" Philippine Leroy-Beaulieu, who plays Sylvie, the French mentor to Emily (Lily Collins), exclusively told E! News. "We could travel. We could take her to Italy. I would love to go to Italy with Emily. Sylvie speaks Italian, remember? So, we could go to Rome."

Bruno Gouery, who plays Emily's co-worker Luc, was on a similar wavelength. "Luc in Rome," the actor, who recently spent time in Sicily while filming The White Lotus, mused. "I would like to go to Italy. I love Italy."

When it came to his character Julian, Samuel Arnold had a bit more of a contentious plan up his sleeve, joking, "I'll definitely send Julian to the States to challenge the Americans." 

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That's not all, though. Samuel actually laid out a plan for exploring the world of Emily in Paris in even greater ways.

"We could expand the universe and make a lot of little spinoffs," he said. "Luc in London! Julian in LA! Emily back in Chicago! Sylvie in Italy! That would be great."

Lily recently suggested to E! News that she'd love to see the show shift to "Denmark or Japan," while co-star Ashley Park, who plays Mindy, suggested a trip to South Korea, though her rationale may be more personal than professional, explaining, "I've never been to Korea and I need to go."

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But don't worry—the cast hasn't lost sight of what makes the show what it is.

"Paris is very important for the series," Bruno added. "It's the heart of the series."

The third season of Emily in Paris drops Dec. 21 on Netflix.

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