Michael Jackson Confiscation Cheat Sheet—What the Cops Found

The complete list of items seized by cops in the manslaughter investigation raid of Conrad Murray's Houston offices

By Gina Serpe, Whitney English Jul 24, 2009 6:30 PMTags
Dr. Conrad Robert Murray, Michael JacksonAP Photo/Houston Chronicle, Pool Photographer

Funny, it's normally the doctors who make the house calls.

This week, however, the tables (and tide) were turned on Dr. Conrad Murray, when a surprise search of his Houston clinic—followed in quick, nearly synchronized succession by court-approved perusals through his Houston storage facility and Las Vegas clinic—confirmed that he is the target of a manslaughter investigation into Michael Jackson's death.

The multistate searches yielded some very interesting finds, and while no one can be sure exactly what authorities were looking for (they themselves may not even know), we do know exactly what was found:

  • Vials of clonazepam, a muscle relaxant
  • Vials of phentermine, an appetite suppressant
  • Cricket phone receipt
  • Murray's Rolodex
  • Fed-Ex records
  • Pamphlets from Houston's Sleep Center
  • Two Yahoo emails sent from Stacey Howe, Murray's secretary at Global Cardiovascular Associates in Las Vegas
  • Documents from the Acres Home Heart and Vascular Institute in Houston, where Murray's searched Armstrong Medical Clinic is located
  • Notices from the IRS
  • Notice of suspension from Houston's Doctors Hospital, for failing to complete medical records
  • Expired Medical Board certification
  • Two computer hard drives
  • Various unspecified documents

Meanwhile, in a related development, E! News has obtained a sworn statement given to the Los Angeles Police Department by former Neverland Ranch estate manager Mariano Quindoy during the 1993 child-molestation investigation. In the affidavit, Quindoy claims that Jackson may have been illegally acquiring prescription medications since as far back as 1989.

Quindoy said that Jackson's prescriptions would be put in his name and that he would personally pick them up from a pharmacy close to Neverland in nearby Santa Ynez.

Although reports have been swirling that Jackson used similar means to obtain prescription drugs, specifically propofol, in the lead-up to his death, investigators have so far kept mum.

—Additional reporting by Art Harris


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