The White Lotus Season 2 Finale: The Characters' Fates Are Finally Revealed

During The White Lotus season two finale on Dec. 11, viewers learned who left the Sicilian resort in body bags. Find out the characters' fates here.

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Warning: This article includes spoilers from the season two finale of The White Lotus.

A VIP guest has checked out of the White Lotus for good.

The highly anticipated season two finale for The White Lotus dropped Dec. 11 on HBO and revealed the fates of several of its characters. When we last saw the guests and employees of the White Lotus' Sicilian location, tensions were certainly high as all sorts of relationships were being tested.

For instance, Tanya (Jennifer Coolidge) was potentially being honey trapped thanks to new pal Quentin (Tom Hollander), Portia (Haley Lu Richardson) was starting to get suspicious of Jack (Leo Woodall) following his drunken confession, Ethan (Will Sharpe) was convinced that something happened between his wife Harper (Aubrey Plaza) and his former college bestie Cameron (Theo James), Albie was falling for call girl Lucia (Simona Tabasco)—subsequently driving his dad Dominic (Michael Imperioli) a little crazy—and hotel manager Valentina (Sabrina Impacciatore) was getting intimate with Lucia's BFF, Mia (Beatrice Grannò).

Really, only Daphne (Meghann Fahy) was enjoying her sun-soaked getaway. But, as the first episode revealed, she'd soon be traumatized after discovering a dead body in the Ionian sea. And that wasn't the only deceased corpse to be discovered, as one employee told Valentina that "other guests have been killed."

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For a full breakdown of what became of our season two favorites, keep reading:


Status: Dead

After her wild night in Palermo, Tanya (Jennifer Coolidge) was whisked away on Quentin's yacht, only to figure out the connection between Quentin (Tom Hollander) and her MIA husband Greg (Jon Gries). Realizing that she was being set up to be killed, Tanya took a gun from the boat and shot everyone—including Quentin, Niccoló and Didier—on board.

In an attempt to escape the yacht, Tanya tried to climb onto a dingy, slipping and falling to her death.


Status: Alive

Jack (Leo Woodall) dropped Tanya's assistant Portia (Haley Lu Richardson) off at the airport after she confronted him about taking her phone and being Quentin's fake nephew. Before driving off, Jack warned Portia to not return to the hotel and that Quentin and company are "powerful" people.


Status: Alive

Unlike last season, the season two hotel manager survived. As for what's next for Valentina (Sabrina Impacciatore), she seems determined to explore her sexuality more.


Status: Alive

Despite her and Ethan's issues, Harper (Aubrey Plaza) seems ready to fight for her marriage. She survived the Sicilian getaway, even with Cameron (Theo James) making a pass at her.


Status: Alive

Even though he fought Cameron (Theo James) on the beach, Ethan (Will Sharpe) left Sicily physically unscathed. While it's unclear if Ethan revenge cheated with Daphne (Meghann Fahy) after Cameron and Harper's kiss, we do know that he's chosen to stay in his marriage to Harper.



Status: Alive

Though Cameron was wildly problematic throughout most of season two, he left Sicily alive and somehow still married. The finale revealed that he did kiss Harper, who ultimately shot him down.


Status: Alive

Don't worry, Daphne fans. The blonde beauty is alive and well. Although, we don't know how healthy her marriage is. After learning about Cameron making a pass at Harper, Daphne appeared to seduce Ethan.


Status: Alive

Albie (Adam DiMarco) is alive, but down 50,000 euros. After hearing sex worker Lucia (Simona Tabasco)'s story, Albie convinced his father to give the young Italian woman a large chunk of money. Lucia spent one last night with Albie, before sneaking out of his hotel room the next morning.

Albie did get a happy ending, however. At the airport, he reconnected with Portia, who he had a crush on earlier in the season.


Status: Alive

Lucia is alive and thriving! The Sicilian native was paid the money that Cameron owed her and received a surprising 50K in her bank account from Albie. The ending scene proved that Alessio was never her pimp, rather just a good friend, and that she made up this story to con Albie.


Status: Alive

Serial cheater Dominic (Michael Imperioli) lived to have his redemption, but we doubt he'll follow through with it. While at the airport with his son and father, Dominic was spotted eyeing a young woman. A leopard can't change his spots, right?


Status: Alive

We were really worried about Bert (F. Murray Abraham) heading into the finale! After falling earlier in the season, we thought a brain bleed might take out the hilarious, albeit inappropriate Di Grasso patriarch. We were proven wrong, as he made it off the Italian island.


Status: Alive

Mia (Beatrice Grannò) was made the fulltime pianist at the White Lotus in the season two finale. Sing your heart out, girl!

Seasons one and two of The White Lotus are available to stream on HBO Max.

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