Blake Lively Gives Birth, Welcomes Baby No. 4 With Ryan Reynolds

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds have just become the parents of four. Keep reading to find out all the details on the newest addition to their family.

By Amy Lamare Feb 13, 2023 12:16 AMTags
Watch: Blake Lively Welcomes Baby No. 4 With Ryan Reynolds

With baby No. 4, their house just got livelier.

Blake Lively has given birth to her fourth child with her husband of 10 years, Ryan Reynolds. Their newborn joins sisters James, 7, Inez, 6, and Betty, 3. 

"Puppy Bowl Sunday 2023," she wrote on Instagram Feb. 12 without a visible baby bump. "Been busy." The couple has yet to share a name or photo of their baby. 

While they didn't reveal the sex ahead of time, Ryan previously joked that he was perfectly content with having another girl if it happened.

"I know girls," he said in an interview on the Today show on Nov. 7. "So I'm kind of hoping for that."

He explained that he's the youngest of four boys and is well aware how chaotic that can be.

"I come from all brothers, which is why I speak from experience," Ryan said. "I love my well-being and I love my home. I was the youngest of four and we were just arsonists and firemen."

Blake is one of five kids from her family, so their expanding brood is something she's well equipped to handle. 

Blake Lively & Ryan Reynolds' Quotes on Parenthood

"I just like to create," the Gossip Girl alum joked at the Forbes Power Women's Summit on Sept. 15.


"Whether that's baking or storytelling or businesses or humans, I just really like creating."

Calling her family "the most important thing to me," Blake went on to recall what lessons she learned from her own mom.

"I grew up watching a woman be everything: be a mom and also be the hardest working business woman I knew," she said about her mom Elaine Lively. "So it's important for me for my kids to see that you don't have to choose one or the other. I don't need them to choose to be a businesswoman or a mom. They can be both or neither. But just for them to see that anything is possible. So it's really important for me to do that."

And it's safe to say Ryan is just as thrilled to welcome another child as well.

"There's nothing on earth more grounding than having a baby," Reynolds told E! News in 2016 before the birth of Inez. "It's the best thing that could ever happen to someone." 

And in the years since, he hasn't shied away from public praise of his wife and kids—along with some jabs.

"Quite frankly, you're my heart, you're my hope, you're my happiness," Ryan said about Blake while accepting The People's Icon Award in December. "I joke that my family exhausts me but, in reality, you give me more strength than any man could possibly deserve."

Although Ryan might be a bit tired out, he still makes time to prioritize Blake's wellbeing. In fact, he told E! News in November that his three daughters were helping him support Blake during her pregnancy, noting, "We all rally around her and help her where we can and do romantic things for her. And, you know, we take care of the momma."


Emma McIntyre/Getty Images for American Cinematheque

Part of that care just might include satiating her cravings. Shortly before she gave birth, the Age of Adeline star gave fans insight into just what foods she's been wanting during her fourth pregnancy—and its not the usual pickles and ice cream.

"Tell me you're pregnant without telling me you're pregnant," Blake wrote on her Instagram Stories Dec. 18 alongside a mouthwatering photo of her "home edition" of Stein's Market & Deli's "Rachel" sandwich. 

According to the New Orleans-based eatery, the sandwich consists of hot pastrami, Swiss cheese and sauerkraut on rye bread with Russian dressing. But if you want to know how Blake would order it, here's what she said in her post: "Order 'The Rachel' extra crispy meat and bread."

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