How Natalia Bryant Is Reshaping Her Personal Style

Natalia Bryant isn't afraid to switch up her fashion, telling E! News that she is all about the less is more approach. "I love being very minimal."

By Alyssa Morin Dec 09, 2022 7:35 PMTags
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Natalia Bryant is ready for a wardrobe change.

The 19-year-old, who is the eldest daughter of the late Kobe Bryant and Vanessa Bryant, recently shared how she's reshaping her personal style and embracing this newfound fashion evolution.

"I'm really stepping into my own style," she exclusively told E! News at the Revolve x AT&T event on Dec. 8. "Growing up, I've definitely been influenced by my friends or family members. It's been an interesting experience being able to watch my own style evolve over the years."

As for how she's switched up her fashion? Natalia said she's all about taking the less is more approach, adding, "I love being very minimal."

The USC student explained how a simple black-and-white outfit paired with a bold red lip can pack a major punch. And she couldn't have been more spot-on, wearing a similar getup to the one she described at the Revolve Wonderland fête.

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For the special occasion, Natalia dressed to the nines in a white button-down dress with bejeweled collars. She accessorized her chic look with black tights, matching platform oxfords, a sparkly crossbody bag and deep red wine lips.

Jon Kopaloff/Getty Images

If anything, the model compared her attire to Wednesday Addams from the new Netflix series.

As she put it, "It's very Wednesday vibes. I love it, it's my new favorite show."

But Natalia isn't only in a spooky state of mind. She told E! News she's excited about the winter break and spending the holidays with her loved ones.

"I'm looking forward to skiing," she revealed. "I'm really looking forward to just being with my family, drinking hot cocoa and sitting by the fireplace. It's my favorite thing to do with my family."


—Reporting by Amanda Champagne-Meadows

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