Olivia Culpo Reveals Where She Really Stands With Sister Sophia After Dramatic Fight

In an exclusive interview with E! News, Olivia Culpo reflected on the first season of The Culpo Sisters and the revelations that came from her younger sister Sophia Culpo.

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Sometimes, difficult conversations can lead to easy resolutions.

During the season finale of The Culpo Sisters Dec. 5, viewers watched Sophia Culpo, 26, share how her older sister Olivia's fame has impacted her. The candid discussion between the sisters led to a dramatic scene, leaving fans wondering if the pair could resolve their conflict.

Now, Olivia, 30, is sharing an update on where she really stands with her younger sister.

"We're doing really well," she told E! News in an exclusive interview at REVOLVE Winterland in collaboration with AT&T. "I feel like we made a lot of progress just by being open and honest about the troubles of that. And I think the most important thing to do is just tell someone that you care about them and they can see where they're coming from and love them through it."

And Olivia shared that she couldn't help but feel sympathy for Sophia after her confession.

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"That was really sad," she said. "It was sad because I feel like it's something that's out of my control and that I completely understand…It hurt my feelings because there's no way to really change that."

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During The Culpo Sister's season finale, Olivia and Sophia came together to celebrate sister Aurora Culpo's birthday. During a family dinner, Sophia opened up about growing up in the shadow of her sister's fame.

"A lot of the things that have come from your fame have not benefitted my life, have complicated it, have made challenges for me," Sophia said. "You think that I need to be eternally grateful? I'm resentful for a lot of it because it messed up my life in ways I wasn't prepared to go through when I was 15."

Despite the drama, Olivia has no regrets filming a reality show with her family.

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"I'm really grateful for the show," she explained. "It was a lot of quality time with them that I was really grateful for."

And while a second season has yet to be announced, Olivia teased what viewers could expect from her storyline should more episodes arrive. After sharing her desires to get pregnant and become a mom, the model told E! News that she is open to freezing her eggs.

"I think I would, absolutely," she said. "I'd love to freeze my eggs. We'll see."

The Culpo Sisters is streaming now on Discovery+.

—Reporting by Amanda Champagne-Meadows

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