Ghosts' Brandon Scott Jones Teases "Epic" Supernatural Moments & "Surprise" Romance to Come

In an exclusive interview with E! News, Brandon Scott Jones revealed that the rest of Ghosts season two will have plenty of unexpected moments.

By Alyssa Ray Dec 09, 2022 2:00 AMTags
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Don't say, "Boo!" to the remainder of Ghosts season two.

Why? Well, because Brandon Scott Jones, who stars on the CBS comedy, teased that there's a haunting good time in store for viewers in the final set of episodes. Jones, who plays Isaac, the ghost of a Revolutionary War soldier, promised E! News that "there's going to be real epic supernatural stuff that happens."

There's already been a séance in this most recent season, so we're certainly curious to see what showrunners Joe Port and Joe Wiseman have in store for fans.

Jones also teased that an unexpected relationship is headed to Woodstone mansion. "Two characters that maybe you never saw getting together are gonna get together," he told E! News. "I think it will be exciting."

Now fans of Isaac's romance with Nigel (John Hartman) don't need to panic, as Jones noted that the pair's relationship will grow in future episodes. However, that doesn't mean it won't be without some intrigue.

"Nigel is going to discover a secret and that's going to allow him to maybe have a little bit more power in the house," Jones added. "There's going to be a lot of secrets revealed—it's very soapy."

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Thanks to Jones' teases and the revelations from the Dec. 8 episode, we certainly have some theories about what's to come for the ghosts of Woodstone mansion. For starters, we doubt the upcoming unexpected romance has anything to do with Pete (Richie Moriarty), the deceased scout master, and Alberta (Danielle Pinnock), the spirit of a bootlegging jazz singer, as the pair decided to remain friends in the latest episode.

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There's likely more to learn about Isaac, however, as he revealed that he never was the Free Mason he claimed to be. "I've always felt this character is somebody who was trying to be somebody he wasn't or was so desperate to be somebody he wasn't," Jones explained. "And that continued into his death. And only now is he getting a chance to finally explore what it might be to be a little bit more truthful with themselves."

For all the excitement to come, be sure to catch new episodes of Ghosts, which air Thursdays at 8:30 p.m. ET on CBS.

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