Inside Daniel Seavey's Next Chapter After Why Don't We's Hiatus

As part of E!’s Backstage Pass, Daniel Seavey provided a behind-the-scenes look at his first solo show since Why Don’t We announced their hiatus: “I couldn’t be more happy with how it went.”

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Watch: Daniel Seavey Calls Friendship With Corbyn Besson a "Blessing"

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High risks lead to high rewards.

When Why Don't We's Daniel Seavey agreed to put on his first solo show Dec. 5 at The Troubadour in West Hollywood, Calif., he had no idea what he was getting himself into.  

"Even my hopes were pretty low given the last two years," the 23-year-old musician shared with E! News in an exclusive interview, addressing the pandemic and the end of his boy band. "When tickets went on sale, we'll either sell out or sell five tickets. I had no idea and it was going out on a limb. I was pretty scared." 

Musicians Performing Live on Stage

Turns out, he had nothing to fear. In less than two minutes, his show completely sold out. And after the concert event, Daniel is still trying to find the words to describe just how special the experience was.


Jason Koenig

"It was the first time in a long time I felt everybody around me wanting me to win and I was crying," he said. "It was such a special moment."

A feeling he almost forgot about four months after his band Why Don't We announced their hiatus. And now, he's just getting started.

On Dec. 9, he released a brand-new single titled "Runaway." He also announced 2023 tour dates that will kick off Jan. 3, 2023 in San Diego, Calif.

Brandon Phillips

"I feel the most hungry and awake and alive and excited that I have in a long, long time," he said. "I'm ready to give the fans more and I don't see myself stopping anytime soon."

For more inside access into his solo concert, including support from his girlfriend Katia Castellano and Why Don't We bandmates, keep scrolling.

Back Again

On Dec. 5, Daniel Seavey performed his first solo show since Why Don't We announced their hiatus in the summer. "I don't know if words can really explain just how insane that show was," the singer exclusively told E! News. "It was just unbelievable." 

Surprise Guests

During his set, Daniel welcomed Outer Banks star Austin North to the stage to showcase the actor's skills as a drummer. 

There's More

Daniel also invited his Why Don't We bandmate Corbyn Besson for a special collaboration of their hit song "Fallin'." Immediately after the show, Daniel expressed his gratitude to his close friend. "I sent Corbyn a [text] after the show just like, ‘Man, what a blessing that you and me get to still look at each other on that stage and jam out and have that magic moment,'" he said. "That just to me is one of the biggest gifts."

Friends Forever

In the days leading up to his performance, Daniel received a supportive call from Why Don't We member Jonah Marais, who couldn't attend due to a prior commitment. As for Zach Herron, he was also spotted in the audience showing his support. "I don't know a situation where boy bands end up being there for each other after the fact like that," Daniel said. "It's pretty rare and it felt like such a gift." 

Big Cheerleader

Before the show, Daniel received plenty of support from his girlfriend Katia Castellano. "Sometimes, I just can't believe she exists because she puts up with me and my craziness," he joked. "It almost drives me insane how annoying I can be when I'm getting ready for a show like that. She's just there by my side at all times. The most beautiful girl I know, inside and out. She's an angel. I don't know how I ended up with her but I am very, very thankful."

Next Big Hit

During his jam-packed set, Daniel gave fans a preview of his newest song "Runaway." "I was listening to Kendrick Lamar and Mac Miller a lot and I thought I need to bring it to this hip-hop world and so I threw the drums on there and it just took off from there," he said when describing the track. "There's a lot of Twenty One Pilots inspiration in the end there. I just wanted to give it some left field fun, different sound and I think it did accomplish that." 

Full Set

While fans were treated to covers and some of Why Don't We's biggest hits, Daniel also gave preview of what's to come. "I started and ended the show with my song 'Can We Pretend That We're Good?'" he said. "The rest of the show really consisted of a lot of the music that's going to be on my debut EP." 

Credit Where Credit Is Due

If you're looking for the most engaged fans, Daniel argues you'll find them at his shows. "They obviously stuck by my side," he shared. "They were just singing every word. It was unbelievable." 

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