Jennifer Lopez's Hairstylist and More Experts Predict the Mane Trends for 2023

New year, new hair. Why not? Celebrity hair experts exclusively shared the hairstyles, colors and accessories that will take center stage in 2023.

By Alyssa Morin Dec 10, 2022 8:00 PMTags
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We're hair for 2023's beauty moments. 

There's something exciting about stepping into the new year with a freshly updated look. Whether you're hoping to make a subtle change to your hairstyle or willing to take the plunge and chop it all off, there's no better time to do so than now. 

But if you're unsure of what kind of cut, color or overall style to rock in the New Year, don't worry, E! News has all of your bases covered. We called in the experts, who shared their predictions for the biggest hair trends of 2023. 

From which type of hair accessories will be the mane attraction—hint: it's all about the glitz and glamour—to offering haircuts that pack a major punch with very little maintenance, there's something for everyone.

So, let's dive into all of the upcoming looks we'll be seeing in the New Year, shall we?

Stars' Epic Hair Transformations

Low-Maintenance, High-Impact Hairstyles:

Khloe KardashianKourtney Kardashian and Jennifer Lopez's hair guru Andrew Fitzsimons predicts wispy curtain bangs and butterfly cuts—a layered, feathery hairstyle—will take precedence in 2023.

In particular, he described butterfly cuts as being "perfect for people with shoulder-length hair," telling E! News the look "adds such a sexy amount of volume."

"With the bangs," the Andrew Fitzsimons Hair founder continued, "they are super whimsical, low maintenance and work for all hair types."


According to Keke Palmer's hairstylist Annagjid "Kee" Taylorshort afro hairstyles will also reign supreme, especially as more people continue to embrace their natural texture.

"It's low maintenance because of its short length but long enough to play around with," the Deeper Than Hair founder said, adding, "Bobs are going to soar in popularity, as they frame all face shapes and are easy to maintain." (Case in point: Maren Morris, Jennifer Garner and many others have recently chopped off their long locks.)

As for men, expect a more modern take on the classic '90s movie star, said Art Department LA men's groomer, Marissa Machado, who frequently works with all three of the Jonas Brothers members and Miles Teller.

"We'll be seeing men wearing their hair longer," she said. "Gone are the days of short cuts with faded sides showing scalp. We're going to see hair dusting the tops of ears with more natural necklines."

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Turn Up the Heat:

Expect copper tones to take center stage.

"The warm tones are super complementary for all skin tones," Andrew explained, noting that people who are still dipping their toes in the hair dye department can tap into the "sombre" hair color trend.

"This is a subtle ombré," he shared, "which isn't as contrasting as a typical ombré and will be a nice transition for those who are now experimenting with color."

Annagjid also suggested another trendy color option, saying, "A lighter rose-gold hue will do the trick."

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All About the Details:

Get ready to razzle-dazzle in the New Year with fun hair accessories such as ribbons, jewels and headscarves. While Andrew recommends dressing up an updo—like the trendy Y2K spikey styles—with rhinestones and hair jewels, Clayton Hawkins offered another glorious tip.

"Ribbons and bows have been popping up all year," the SexyHair stylist ambassador—whose clientele includes Olivia RodrigoDove Cameron and Wednesday's Jenna Ortega—shared. "What I love about this trend is that it's super affordable. Go to a craft store, get some ribbon and use it as a bow or a hair tie!"

Annagjid echoed similar sentiments, pointing out that headbands and headscarves can add extra oomph to a look.

"Headscarves are a perfect pick for those who wear their hair naturally coily," she explained, "as you can maneuver the scarf into both protecting your hair and looking super cute."