Beyoncé's Makeup Artist and More Experts Share Their 2023 Beauty Predictions

Get ready to embrace individuality, bold colors and a '90s lived-in eyeliner look in 2023. Makeup artists, Sir John, Donni Davy and Danessa Myricks offered their insight to E! News below.

By Alyssa Morin Dec 15, 2022 11:00 AMTags
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You won't want to brush off these makeup trends in 2023.

After all, the New Year is a great time to hit a fresh reset, especially in the beauty department. Whether you're ready to make red lipstick your new signature style à la Taylor Swift or want to be fearless with your eye shadow choices like Lizzo and Camila Cabello, this is the perfect opportunity to experiment.

In fact, that's the vibe celebrity makeup artists predict will take center stage in 2023. E! News spoke to three beauty experts, who each emphasized the importance of embracing your individuality and boldness in the coming year.

They also shared how skin-like foundations, eye gems and electrifying shades of magenta, lilac and indigo are going to be seen everywhere. Plus, lived-in eyeliner—a popular trend from the '90s—is expected to make a comeback. 

All in all, there are endless makeup options for you to try next year.

Stars With Beauty Brands

So, with that, let's dive into all of the looks we'll be facing in 2023, shall we?

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The "No Trend" Trend:

First things first, 2023 is all about not following the crowd. Makeup artist founder Danessa Myricks explained that people will want to march to the beat of their own drum instead of tapping into viral makeup moments.

"People are fearless when it comes to beauty," she exclusively told E! News. "The ongoing trend is that no one cares about trends. They're doing what they feel, experimenting and not afraid to wear makeup authentically."

Sir John, who is known for doing Beyoncé's glam, couldn't agree more, adding, "I'm not into trends, it marginalizes everyone's creativity. Always go for what makes you feel good."

Show Your Colors: 

Euphoria's head makeup artist Donni Davy said she expects vibrant shades of lilac, periwinkle and deep indigos to reign supreme on the eyes, while pops of violet and hot pink will be the go-to cheek options.

Additionally, Danessa said that people aren't "afraid of bold, dynamic shades" and expects that Pantone's Color of the Year, Viva Magenta, will inspire a new wave of beauty looks.


Eye Candy:

According to Donni, bold eye makeup is going to be all the rage in 2023. Think edgy, spikey lashes with coats and coats of mascara à la Twiggy, extremely drawn-on black eyeliner (like Olivia Wilde's 2022 People's Choice Awards makeup) and unique items that will help you achieve said looks. 

"We'll gravitate towards eye products with really beautiful finishes," the Half Magic Beauty founder pointed out, "whether that's a pressed powder eyeshadow with a glossy, metallic finish, a gel eyeliner pencil with a slightly pearlescent finish and glitter products that give a 'grown up' sparkle."

Sir John offered a similar prediction, explaining that the "lived-in eye makeup" trend of the '90s will shine next year.

"In 2023, we'll focus on having more fun and being more expressional through our eyes," the CTZN Cosmetics Chief Creative Officer said. "Graphic liner, eye gems, unconventional colors and experimenting with brows will be big."

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Back to the Basics:

As Danessa put it, "Skin is forever skinning."

By that, she means makeup hybrids—products that offer both coverage and skincare benefits—will likely be popular next year. Donni echoed similar sentiments, sharing, "We'll see more real skin texture."

"With all the beauty filters and super retouched pics of celebs," Donni continued, "I'm craving a swing in the other direction and I think other people are, too."

And whether or not you're excited about what's to come, Sir John's words of wisdom will certainly leave its (beauty) mark. As he reminded E!, "It's all about doing makeup that makes you feel good and feel like your best self."