I Placed 317 Amazon Orders This Year: Here Are the 37 Underrated Products You Should Know About

We're all familiar with the Amazon finds with thousands of five-star reviews. Get ahead of the trends with these highly effective products that should be on your radar.

By Marenah Dobin Dec 27, 2022 11:00 AMTags
E-Comm: Underrated Amazon Finds

We independently selected these deals and products because we love them, and we think you might like them at these prices. E! has affiliate relationships, so we may get a commission if you purchase something through our links. Items are sold by the retailer, not E!. Prices are accurate as of publish time.

We all rely on customer reviews to make shopping decisions, but it's impossible for a product to have thousands of five-star reviews in an instant. It takes time to accumulate customer loyalty to a point where someone will feel compelled to write a product review in their spare time. As much as I love shopping those top-rated products, I am a shopping editor and I love shining the spotlight on products that don't have a devoted following (yet). 

Understandably, most people don't feel comfortable buying a product with zero product reviews, I took the chance so you don't have to, and now I'm here to share my findings. I have purchased (and continue to buy) so many underrated gems from Amazon. I have a feeling that a lot of these will be highly rated top-sellers in in the future, but until then, let's get ahead on the trends. Here are some my favorite finds from my 2022 shopping trips. 

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Underrated Amazon Finds

Stardrops The Pink Stuff Miracle Multi-Purpose Cleaning Spray 750 ML + Wash Cloth, 2 Piece Set

I'm obsessed with the TikTok-famous Pink Stuff cleaning paste, but I just wanted a more user-friendly product with that same effective formula. This spray is just as good as the paste, but it's just much more convenient to use. I don't have to scrub my counters clean. All I have to do is wipe and the work is already done. The spray is effective on multiple surfaces and it has a nice clean smell that's not overpowering. 

Clarial Exfoliating Body Scrub for Bath & Shower Use

I am a self-tanner fanatic. The key to a flawless self-tanner application or a spray tan is prepping your skin. Slough off all that dead skin 24-48 hours before your tanning session to get an even application. Using this exfoliating mitt is grossly satisfying. Even if you're not in the self-tanner game, I highly recommend this one because it comes through, it's reusable, and my skin is super soft as a result. If your skin is evenly exfoliated, your moisturizers and body oils will absorb super easily and be much more effective. I have tried similar mitts with thousands of five-star reviews assuming they were "better," but this one is the most effective in my opinion. I will never stop buying this product. 

Pro tip: use this after you're in the shower for at least five minutes, but don't apply any soap before using it. It works so much better that way. 

Makemechic Women’s Sweatsuits 2 Piece

I bought this sweat set when it had zero reviews. Currently, it has one. In all honesty, I expected it not to fit and I mentally planned on heading to my local UPS store to return it on the day I expected to receive the package. To my surprise, this was a total gem of a find. The fabric is so soft and it washes well. The first time I bought this, I sized up out of caution. I didn't return that set, but when I bought it in another color I went with my typical size. I will get every single color eventually.

Pop & Bottle Oat Milk Lattes with Sustainably Sourced Marine Collagen (Set of 12)

I just don't have the time or the budget to hit up a cafe for iced coffee in the morning. I tried to make it overnight, but that plan didn't stick and I just don't have enough patience in the morning for a cold brew situation. These canned lattes have been an amazing discovery. They have just the right amount of vanilla flavor and they're lightly sweetened with dates. I didn't know what to expect since the recipe only includes clean ingredients, but I can't get over how good these taste. They're organic, dairy-free, and gluten-free. These have become a staple for my morning routine and I will continue buying them.

Fushay Compressed Natural Cellulose Facial Sponges- Pack of 50

Don't be alarmed when you buy these and it just looks like you have a bunch of heart-shaped index cards in your possession. When you put these under running water they turn into little sponges. I use these once a week (or sometimes every other week) to give my face a nice exfoliation. My skin feels super soft after and never irritated or red. I love using these and because they're so thin when they arrive, they don't take up much storage space.

Tanologist Insta Glow Instant Tan and Illuminator- 24 Hour Skin Perfecting Lotion for a Flawless Finish

I am obsessed with this product. I have no idea how it doesn't have a million five-star reviews. It's an instant tan in a bottle. Just put on a little bit and blend it in with a kabuki brush and you get an even, natural-looking "tan" that lasts until you wash it off in the shower. I've been caught in the rain with this products on my legs and it didn't run, but it wasn't a burden to scrub off in the shower with some body wash. I buy two or three of these at once because they're hard to find and I'm so happy I'm always stocked up.

Syhood Anti Aging Silicone Pads- Set of 12

I bought expensive silicone products for my face. They're reusable, but not for a long amount of time (in my experience). This affordable alternative is amazing. I use these under my eyes, around my lips for those smile lines and on my forehead. I apply them overnight and wake up to smooth skin. Or if I have a big event I will put these on for a couple hours before I put on makeup. They're great to combat puffiness and the appearance of fine lines.

Trish Lucia Women's Braided Kitten Heels

These braided heels look so high-end, but they're only $12. They look just as beautiful in real life and they're incredibly comfortable.

Verdusa Women's 6 Piece Lounge Sets

I just moved into a new apartment building and I want to look presentable when I'm in the hallway or getting my mail since I don't know any of my neighbors. Instead of wearing pajamas or mismatched sweats, I wanted to get some two-piece sets because, let's be honest I feel a million times more put-together when my top and bottom are color-coordinated. This bundle has zero reviews, so this was a risky purchase that I expected to return. However, I am so happy I got this bundle. These sets have a great fit, soft fabric, and the white one is not see-through at all (which was something I worried about). I sized up out of caution and I am happy with how it fits, but I do think I could have went with my true size and felt comfortable as well. 

SheIn Women's 2 Piece Tank Top and Sweatpant Sets

I really had two-piece sets on my mind recently. I am one of those people who has a "look good, feel good, do good" mindset. Even when I'm just relaxing at home, I feel so on point in a matching set. I sized up for these and I was happy with the fit since the pants have a drawstring and my chest is on the larger side. I think if you proportions are a little different that you can go with your true size and feel comfortable. This fabric is really soft and everything survived the washer and dryer without an issue. 

Orimade Corner Shower Caddy Organizer Basket with Hooks Adhesive No Drilling

I have so much stuff, especially beauty products. Using these stick-on shelves to create some storage space in my shower was such a game-changer. My shampoo, conditioner, and body products look so nice and organized. These shelves has stayed on the wall without an issue and they come with attachable hooks, which I use to hold my exfoliating mitt and wide-tooth comb.

BeeVines 3D Eye Mask for Sleeping with Adjustable Strap- 2 Pack With Earplugs

I have so much trouble falling asleep (and staying off my phone). I put this on when I'm done with phone time and it's so much easier for me to relax and sleep. These silky eye masks block out the light without feeling heavy on my face and they're also incredibly gentle on faux eyelashes. This bundle even comes with earplugs. 

Yamazaki Home Adjustable Shoe Rack-Spacesaving Storage Solution

I'm on an organizing kick lately and I had way more shoes than I realized. This rack is easy to put together and you can adjust the width with zero effort. They're also stackable if you want to go vertical with your storage.

Yamazaki Home Shoe Rack, Tall

Here's another shoe rack that I bought multiple times to store different types of items. I use these to store shoes, towels, t-shirts, and tank tops. This vertical rack is great for narrow spaces and it's easy to put together. It also comes in black. 

Frog Sac 6 Rod Ring Holder Jewelry Stand

I have so many rings, but I didn't have a central place to store them. This affordable find is the perfect way to keep all my rings in a central location. 

Ausalivan Acrylic Bracelet Holder Display

This is easy to put-together and I use these organizers to store necklaces, bracelets, headbands, scrunchies, and large hair clips. 

Phylian Sonic Rechargeable Electric Toothbrush With 8 Brush Heads, Travel Case, Sonic Toothbrush 3 Hours Fast Charge for 120 Days

I refuse to buy an electric toothbrush with a three-digit price tag. I found this bundle and I really enjoy it. I get an effective clean, a long battery life, and it comes with eight brush heads and a travel case. There are three colors to choose from. 

Bikini Zone Anti-Bumps Shave Gel - Close Shave w/ No Bumps, Irritation, or Ingrown Hairs

I have super sensitive skin, especially when it comes to hair removal. I'm also allergic to so many commonly found ingredients. Finding a shave gel that didn't irritate my skin was a tough task, but this affordable find is a great pick and I'm razor bump-free. I will never run out of this stuff. 

Inward Agas ACue Herbal Mask

When I opened this I felt like I just bought a jar of green juice, skeptical that it would actually do anything for my skin. My skin is congested on the forehead, nose, and chin, and super reactive. I've used this mask to combat oiliness in those congested areas and it's great to calm down my skin if I have an allergic reaction, sunburn, or a harsh skincare treatment. I always makes sure I'm stocked up on this one.

I will be honest, the product is a little messy, so get comfortable before you put it on and try not to walk around a ton, but it is so worth the results and the relaxation!

Inward Agas ACue Cleansing Foam

After repeatedly buying the Inward Agas face mask, I decided to give this foaming cleanser a shot. My skin is so clear and this makes my face feel clean without harshly stripping away essential oils. I'm a huge fan of this cleanser and I love using it right before the face mask. It's a really effective combo. 

Mangopop Women’s Square Neck Sleeveless Tank Top Long Sleeve Bodysuits

A couple of months ago, I threw out all my white t-shirts and tank tops that lost their brightness or had stains/holes. I needed to restock on essentials for layering and got rid of the black tops that were worn out too. I bought a bunch of bodysuits, tank tops, and t-shirts in black and white. I purchased 10 different styles in both colors. This is one that I loved. It is supremely flattering. It gives me a svelte look without constricting my stomach or feeling uncomfortable. I ended up buying it in many colors. It was true to size.

Nasperee Women Sleeveless/Short Sleeve Crew Neck Tank Top

Here's another layering tank that I love. It has a high neckline, so it's nice to wear under blazers and sweaters in an office. And, thankfully the white is not see-through at all. I have it in black, white, and brown. I will probably get more colors too. This style was true to size.

Soilove Laundry Soil-Stain Remover Pack of 2

One day when I was being overly dramatic because I stained my favorite pants with makeup, a friend suggested this product. It comes in a set of two. I put a few drops on stains and let it sit for about five minutes, then I throw it in the wash without an scrubbing. This solution has helped me remove makeup, self-tanner, grease, and more unwanted stains. I have no idea why this product doesn't have thousands of five-star reviews, but it totally should. 

ProCIV 16 Packs Eye Masks for Dark Circles and Puffiness Disposable Soothing Headache Relief Dry Eyes, Stress Relief Relief Eye Fatigue Steam Eye Masks

I have an embarrassing amount of screentime and I'm always worried about eye strain. I lay with these heated eye masks on after a long day. They heat up when you open the package and they're so soothing. I even wear them backwards because that gives me more heat. Wearing this mask is a nice break from my phone and it really helps me unwind. I've been buying these once a month since 2019 and I'm always recommending them to friends.

Satinoir 2 Pairs Fingerless Moisturizing Gloves

I have such dry hands and I type all day, so it's annoyance to see. I want to apply lotion, but I don't want to get hand creams on my keyboard. That's why I'm so happy I found these gloves. They have a gel lining and they're fingerless, so I can still do my work. I put on my favorite lotion and then I put these on and I'm amazed by the transformation after a long day. I love these so much. After a couple wears, I put these in the washer on the delicate cycle and then I let them air dry.

Lyaner Women’s Satin Silky Pajama Set

I want to feel luxurious, but I don't have the highest budget. I am obsessed with these pajamas. They feel silky soft on my skin, they look fancy, and I just feel like such a queen. I have them in three colors and I want more. I wash them on the delicate cycle and put them in the dryer on low. The fabric hasn't pilled and it didn't shrink. I am obsessed with these. They'd be cute bridesmaid pajamas too. There's even a white set for a bride.

Clinique Moisture Surge Overnight Mask

I'm a multi-tasker by nature, even when I'm asleep. I love to get the most out of my beauty sleep. I put this moisturizing mask on before bed and I wake up to soft, supple skin. This has been a total game-changer and I have three bottle in my bathroom right now.

Dunes + Cushionaire Technology Women’s Iris Braided Heel Sandal +Memory Foam and Wide Widths Available

I'm embarrassed to admit it took me a while to start wearing heels, so I'm far from a pro. These are so comfortable, easy to walk in, and I have them in multiple colors.

Crazy Cups Green Matcha Madness Tea for Keurig K-Cup 2.0 Latte, 22 Count

I wanted to get in on the matcha craze, but I don't have as much time for I would like to make my own from scratch. Instead of brewing my own matcha, I just put one of these pods in my Keurig and a couple minutes later, I'm sipping on my travel mug feeling like a total It Girl. These matcha lattes are so delicious. I've purchased these pods four times this year and they're going to be a 2023 staple.

SportMore Folding Hair Brush with Mirror

It's 2022 and I know most of us have camera phones, but sometimes I just need to look into an actual mirror to see how my makeup is holding up and if I have any food between my teeth. These foldable brushes are everything. I can touch up my hair and make sure everything else is looking OK. I never go anywhere without one of these. There are multiple colors to choose from.

Prandom Larger Collapsible Storage Boxes With Lids

If you're at this point in the list, it's clear that I shop a lot, right? I get a lot of packages in the mail. I want to open them all and put them away, but sometimes I don't have the time to rearrange my closets and drawers at that moment. I found these collapsible boxes. They're reliable for temporary storage (plus they look cute) and they fold up so I can put them away easily when I'm not using them. 

Bamboo Baby Washcloths - Hypoallergenic 2 Layer Ultra Soft Absorbent Bamboo Towel - Newborn Bath Face Towel - Natural Reusable Baby Wipes for Delicate Skin (6 Pack)

I found these washcloths by accident. I was looking for "baby pink washcloths" hoping to find the specific hue that would match my bathroom decor. Somehow, I was surprised when the results showed washcloths for newborns. I bought them anyway thinking "if they're soft enough for an infant, they're soft enough for my sensitive skin." I love these so much. They are super soft, affordable, and, yes they do match my color scheme. They wash really well and they've maintained their quality. 

If you're not a pink person, they also come in white, blue, yellow, purple, and grey.

Fafahouse Pearl Hair Bands- Set of 3

Sometimes, I just need to get my hair out of my face. If I want this to look more like a purposeful style choice than a necessity, I use one of these pearl-adorned hair ties to add some sophistication to my look.

Makeup Protector Disposable Covers- Set of 50

You are probably so confused looking at this series of photos. Please, let me explain. You know when you do the most perfect makeup and then you have to get dressed, hoping to maneuver into your clothes without staining them with powder and foundation? We've all been there, right? Put one of these stain guards on after makeup application. Then,  put a top or dress on over this. 1. I do not smudge my makeup and 2. I don't mess up my outfits. 

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