Daisy Jones & The Six Kicks Off a Tension-Filled Show In New First Look

In your first look at Prime Video's Daisy Jones & the Six series, lead singer Daisy Jones (Riley Keogh) and frontman Billy (Sam Claflin) get ready to start the show. Watch the teaser now.

By Charlotte Walsh Dec 06, 2022 7:14 PMTags
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The show is about to begin.

The long-awaited Prime Video series Daisy Jones & the Six, based on the 2019 Taylor Jenkins Reid novel of the same name, has released its first teaser, and it's already chalk-full of tension. 

In the short clip, the band is about to begin a jam-packed concert, and the crowd is excited. But before they hit their first note, titular lead singer Daisy Jones (Riley Keough) and tortured frontman Billy Dunne (Sam Claflin) share a loaded look. 

Then, the band's logo pops up onscreen with a new release date, reading, "Daisy Jones & the Six. New series March 3."

The series, which follows the rise and fall of a 1970s rock band loosely based on Fleetwood Mac, has been long in the works, having been optioned by Reese Witherspoon's production company Hello Sunshine before the novel even hit shelves. According to a Dec. 6 Vanity Fair feature on the series, shooting was set to begin in 2020 before Covid-19 shut down production for over a year and a half. 

Daisy Jones & The Six: Everything We Know

But according to the cast, the break gave them time to hone their musical craft, as all of the actors play their own instruments and sing in the series. Keough and Claflin, who play the show's main characters Daisy and Billy (who form a turbulent relationship despite Billy's marriage), found it particularly needed, as neither of them had trained professionally before. 

After attempting to sing Lady Gaga's "Shallow" at the suggestion of her vocal coach, Keough, who is the granddaughter of Elvis Presley, recalled getting particularly emotional. 

"I sounded so bad that I started crying," she remembered. "I was like, 'I can't do it,' and when I can't do something it lights a fire in me to be able to do it. I was like, 'I have to do it.' I'm gonna go to this vocal coach, and he's gonna teach me how to f--king belt, whatever I need to do to get this. It really became about pushing myself to do things I've never done before."

And all that training hasn't gone to waste: According to Vanity Fair, the cast has been keeping their "musical chops sharp" for a possible real-life concert.

"When I first got that guitar put in my hand, [I thought] this is not gonna feel right with this in my hand," Claflin recalled. "But by the end of it, I just felt like Billy, Billy felt like me. It just pours out of me."

Daisy Jones & the Six premieres March 3 on Prime Video. Check out your first look at images from the series below.

The members of Daisy Jones & the Six, including Daisy (Riley Keough), Billy (Sam Claflin), Karen (Suki Waterhouse), Warren (Sebastian Chacon), Eddie (Josh Whitehouse) and Graham (Will Harrison). 

The band before Daisy.

Daisy Jones & the Six closes out a show.

Tom Wright plays producer Teddy Price.

Daisy and Billy share a mic.

Loaded looks at a concert. 

The love triangle between Daisy, Billy and Billy's wife Camila Dunne (Camila Morrone). 

Suki Waterhouse is Karen, the only other female member of Daisy Jones & the Six besides Daisy herself.

Nabiyah Be plays Daisy's best friend and fellow singer, Simone Jackson. 

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