Isabelle Fries and Seth Baer's New Single "I Want You For You" Reveals Uplifting Message

The sentimental duet from the hitmakers takes a turn on streaming platforms this season

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Isabelle Fries, Seth BaerCourtesy of Ascend Agency


This is one special delivery love letter that you cannot wait to get.

Fresh on streaming platforms, the new song "I Want You For You" from hitmakers Isabelle Fries and Seth Baer is a powerful tune that is making couples sit down to hear the motivational message. As discovered in the single,  it's not always easy to find your special someone, but when you do the magic can make you sparkle. And it can inspire you to always want to be your very best.

Courtesy of Ascend Agency

The dazzling effect of the duo has led to the song hitting the charts with enthusiastic results.

The award-winning Fries, who is known for tracks such as "Just a Dreamer," "Shine Through the Rain" and "Scrapbook," has in the past few years garnered acclaim with over 8 million streams on social media and music platforms. Partnering with singer-songwriter Baer for their first vocal collaboration after he wrote several of Isabelle's portfolio should come as no surprise to music lovers. Their relationship is a musical manifestation that, like a strong friendship, has developed properly over time to give birth to a sentimental coupling.

"I Want You For You" like their other recordings, stands out with lyrics and melody full of support, strength and hope. Resonating with fans worldwide, the new song takes the meaning of love a step further.

"Music has the power to bring people together, and this collaboration is an example," says Baer and Fries in a joint statement. "This song is meaningful to us because it puts a positive message into the world about the importance of seeing people for their heart and soul and not for their status or exterior."

While both performers have a longstanding history of gratitude to fans, Fries is also appreciated for the work she does when she steps out of the stage's spotlight and out of the recording studio. Having been a frequent visitor to Uganda since the age of 15 for humanitarian work, she became a board member of The Global Livingston Institute. In 2017, while performing in Uganda for GLI for their annual iKnow Concert Series, she launched the Bulamu Raise Your Voice Community Foundation as a sister foundation to GLI. The foundation uses music to encourage others as they help implement music and other extracurricular activities in local schools.

Courtesy of Ascend Agency

As a philanthropist, Fries recognizes that the world really does need love in all shapes and forms. Whether it be through music or volunteer work, it is efforts by real people making a real difference. It's a feeling that her music partner carries as well.

"My biggest hope is that when you hear our song it inspires you to do something great with your life," she reflects. "You don't have to travel across the world to make a difference. Like a good love song that carries a message of empowerment within it, you have within your heart a way to carve out a path that we can all walk on together. Step by step in unity we can sing out praises and love to uplift us. Love is luckily free to give and to share it with mankind no matter what it takes is simply the most beautiful thing."

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