Robsten Bummed Out at Comic-Con?

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart keep apart and don't smile much at the San Diego fest celebrating New Moon

By Ted Casablanca Jul 24, 2009 12:26 AMTags
Taylor Lautner, Kristen Stewart, Robert PattinsonChelsea Lauren/Getty Images

Maybe it was the reporter in a costume (not I) asking Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart during a Comic-Con press conference if anything was going on between them, romantically, that put Robsten in a not-so-great mood?

R.Pattz ignored the query, but Kristen, in her tough rocker jeans and Joan Jett hair, snapped: "Really? Really? That's what you're going to ask?"

At which point a Summit moderator scolded the reporter, reminding him he'd been told no personal questions. Oh yeah, nobody tittering and Twittering at the San Diego convention is gonna wonder out loud, at least for a sec, when the hell Robsten's gonna come out of the closet, sure thing!

From then on, however, Rob and Kristen barely looked at each other, and they seemed to be sitting farther and farther apart. Their choice or Summit's? What else went down?

Between press duties, Kristen's even taking her smoking breaks without Rob, who's holing up by himself, all in butch plaid, accompanied by his blondie-gal keeper, no Kristen in sight.

So far. Interesting, though, gotta tell ya: K.Stew's been takin' her cig breaks with, ahem, Team Jacob! Yes, with Taylor! What the ef's that about? Mr. Lautner, care to explain?

Many, many more things still developing, so keep comin' back to the Awful Truth, and we'll have lots more for ya, like:

• So far, only Rob's officially staying the night in San Diego; most of the New Moon cast is heading back to L.A. Kristen, surely not you, doll?

• Rob Pattinson's people, I'm assured, are livid at the latest Awful Truth copycat People cover screaming all about R.Pattz's troublesome love life. Oh please. Get pissed about security, folks, not this stuff.

• The "big surprise" Summit had planned for Comic-Con? The New Moon team going around to personally say hello to area screenings of Twilight. Sweet, but not quite the slobbering Robsten heat we all wanted, eh?

• Rob has been maneuvering, undetected, around the convention in sunglasses and a jacket. Several times. Always alone. Happy, he is not. Damn. Do something about that Ms. Stewart, like, tonight!

More soon, promise.


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