Sofia Richie Breaks Down "Strict Diet" for Her Wedding to Elliot Grainge

Sofia Richie, who is engaged to Elliot Grainge, shared the details of her pre-wedding "strict diet," which features fasting and "no snacking."

By Kelly Gilmore Dec 02, 2022 10:56 PMTags
Watch: Sofia Richie Reveals Her "Strict" Wedding Diet

Before saying "I do" at the altar, Sofia Richie has said I do to a diet.

The 24-year-old, who announced her engagement to music mogul Elliot Grainge back in April, shared a look into her lifestyle regimen ahead of their nuptials, which includes monitoring when she eats. 

"Ok so I started a strict diet," Sofia wrote in a since-deleted post to her Dec. 2 Instagram Story. "My wedding is in a few months so I wanted to get an early start on it. I try my hardest to fast until 12pm ( with the Exception of coffee ). For lunch I have either a salad or a high protein meal. I eat my dinner around 630 pm, which is the last meal before I go to bed ( no snacking )." 

As the model explained, her diet not only focuses on when she eats, but also what is she eating and what she isn't.

"I have high protein with tons of veggies," she added. "I try my hardest to avoid any carbs or sugar, but sometimes I give myself a little treat."

Sofia Richie and Elliot Grainge's Engagement Party

Sofia's pre-wedding plan also includes exercise. On her Dec. 2 Story, she shared her workout routine, which includes the use of two three-pound weights and a 10-pound weighted vest.

As seen in the footage, Sofia does various workout circuits for "30 seconds each" six times in a row. The activities include a "lunge and twist" combo, mat work and wall sits. In addition to this regimen, Sofia added on her Story, "I try to walk for at least an hour every single day!"


And this dedication to her fitness routine has affected her outlook on her food consumption.

"You should do what feels best for your body," Sofia added to her IG Story. "Incorporating some carbs isn't horrible when you are training hard. Hope this is helpful!"

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