Harry Connick Jr.'s 2022 Holiday Celebration Tour Is Here to Sleigh

As part of E!’s Backstage Pass, Harry Connick Jr. previewed his upcoming holiday shows and the magic behind his festive new album.

By Mike Vulpo Dec 02, 2022 8:50 PMTags
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It's not the holidays without a little Harry.

As Harry Connick Jr. celebrates the release of his new album Make It Merry exclusively on Apple Music, the 55-year-old is spreading some cheer with his 2022 Holiday Celebration tour.

"I feel so lucky to be on stage with just a powerhouse group of musicians every night," Harry exclusively told E! News while praising his orchestra. "I love to challenge myself and the rest of the guys. I tell them, ‘Go out and try to get as much applause as you can. I hope that you steal the show from me.'"

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Not that the former American Idol judge—who's performing holiday classics like "Silent Night" and "Blue Christmas," or original songs like his latest hits "Make It Merry" and "When My Heart Finds Christmas" on stage—doesn't know how to sleigh his fans.

Georgia Connick

Night after night, Harry hopes to provide concertgoers with something both special and unique.

"When I walk out on stage, I'm performing for them and their good time is everything to me," he said. "I'll give everything that I can to make sure that they have a good time."

For more behind-the-scenes secrets into Harry's holiday tour, keep scrolling. And find out when he's coming to your neighborhood before Christmas here.

Making it Merry

'Tis the season for some music magic. Throughout the month of December, Harry Connick Jr. will travel the country for his Holiday Celebration 2022 tour. 

Song and Dance

During the show, Harry will play original songs from his new album Make It Merry including "On This Christmas Morning," a track that offers a snapshot into his holiday. "No matter what's going on in my life, I feel like I've been very fortunate to have my family and just a lot of blessings," the dad of Georgia, 26, Kate, 25, Charlotte, 20, and husband to Jill Goodacre said. "It's a quiet time on that beautiful day to think about those things." 

Hometown Pride

Before becoming a music superstar, Harry was inspired by the performers he witnessed in his native New Orleans. "When I was a kid, I would hear a lot of phenomenal artists live," he said. "When I would go down to the French Quarter and hear them play, I was always blown away. There's too many to mention, but so many musicians that I came in contact with were inspirational to me."


If you ever wondered what's under Harry's piano lid, get ready for the big reveal. It's a painting of the New Orleans skyline.

No. 1 Crew

"There's a lot of improvisation in our shows," Harry teased when giving credit to his band. "Many times, a musician will stand up and play a solo or do something special that nobody could have predicted. You never know when that's going to happen." 

Always Ready

When traveling across the country, Harry has a writing and recording set up on his tour bus for when inspiration strikes. 

Mission Accomplished

Harry shared a view of what he calls his on-stage office, which includes a piano, microphone and everything he needs to put on a successful show for fans. "I just hope they feel better when they leave from when they came in," Harry said. "I want to give them something that's special and unique." 

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