Bachelor Nation's Tyler Cameron Responds to Fan Who Prank Texted Him for 4 Years

The Bachelorette’s Tyler Cameron found out he was the subject of a prank for four years but he has no hard feelings about the “ten out of ten” joke.

By Kelly Gilmore Nov 30, 2022 9:54 PMTags
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This prank was in it for the long haul.

Tyler Cameron recently found out he was the subject of a four-year prank in which a woman named Sammi repeatedly texted The Bachelorette alum pretending he was a law school classmate who gave her the wrong number. And after she revealed the truth behind the yearslong prank in a Nov. 29 TikTok video, Tyler responded with a video of his own.

"I have the receipts. It was quite funny," Tyler said in his own Nov. 29 TikTok video, where he includes screenshots of the texts. "Sammi was saying that Nick gave her the wrong number and they were trying to do some study session."

Indeed, the screenshots show that Sammi texted Tyler by calling him "Nick" and asking about plans for a study sesh. And this particular instance of the prank really resonated with Tyler.

"I've been that guy in the group who was given out the wrong number or not shown for the group study session and kinda put all the work on the group," Tyler continued. "So, you know, I wanted to play with it, have some fun with it and I called Nick 'an idiot sandwich.'"

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But the conversation did not stop there.

"Then she hits me back," Tyler said. "Calls me ‘Mike' now. Says the grades are out. She got an A minus. I told her, ‘Wrong number again.' She says ‘S—t. Sorry!'"

Tyler noted that he responded by telling her "congrats" on her great grades.

"Got to cheer her on right," Tyler said. "I'm all about those scholars."

The pair continued to talk about Sammi taking the bar exam and Tyler encouraging her to "keep the good news coming."

But sometimes great things come to an end. And this week, Sammi decided to come clean about her back-and-forth exchange with "Nick" and "Mike" (a.k.a Tyler). After posting her TikTok video explaining the prank, she texted a link of it to the Bachelor Nation star with the words, "Hey Mike…don't hate me…but."

Rest assured, Tyler definitely has no hard feelings.

"This TikTok's going viral which is funny, great. Sammi, let me know when the graduation is. Let me know where it is and everyone in the comment section come join me and celebrate with me," he added in the TikTok. "Overall though, great prank. Ten out of ten, Sammi and best of luck finishing up grad school and passing the bar. I am now a fan of yours."

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