The Kardashians' Party Planner Sharon Sacks Shares How You Can Throw Your Own Impressive Holiday Bash

Facts: You don't need to be a billionaire to throw a memorable holiday party, says Sharon Sacks, who's helmed many a Kardashian bash. The Sacks Productions founder tells E! News how you can keep up.

By Sarah Grossbart Dec 03, 2022 6:00 PMTags
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If scrolling through pics from the Kardashian-Jenner fam's legendary Christmas Eve bashes has you feeling less-than, the woman behind them has a message you need to hear: You're doing amazing, sweetie. 

Because if you ask entertaining guru Sharon Sacks—and you best believe that we did—the key to creating a holiday fete that feels like a real put-it-on-the-'gram, reminisce-about-it-for-years event is actually pretty simply. 

"The trick to making your party the best your guest has ever been to is you being present," she insisted in a phone conversation with E! News. "You being present—not in the kitchen, not connected to only one person." Quite simply, she summed up, "Guests look to their host to take care of them."

In the case of the reality royalty's annual yuletide soirée, that means tapping the likes of Sia and John Legend to perform a surprise set and booking, say, real-life toy soldiers and the Santa who's made an appearance at every Kardashian party dating back to the '80s to ensure there are thrills around every corner of Kim Kardashian's Hidden Hills, Calif. estate. (The second-eldest of momager Kris Jenner's kids took over hosting duties in 2018; Kourtney Kardashian helmed the bash in 2019.)

Kardashian-Jenner Family Thanksgiving 2022

But for those of us who don't have an EGOT winner on speed dial, it's still possible to employ a similar fun-everywhere-you-look strategy. 

"You can go buy gingerbread houses, put them together and have all these fun and incredible things to decorate them with," Sacks suggested as one option for those that want to go the craft route. "For me," continued the event planner, who's put together unforgettable evenings for everyone from past presidents to Meghan Trainor, "my experience on all my Christmas parties is music, music, music. And photobooths."

Big picture, she insists, it's all about really enjoying the evening with your guests and planning memory-making activities. But for those looking for the nuts-and-bolts details, the president and founder of Sacks Productions gladly pulled out her planning pad. Here's your step-by-step guide for hosting a holiday that will feel as fun as the Kardashian Kris-mas. Bible. 

Instagram / Kim Kardashian

Set expectations.

Let's be real: Half the allure of the annual Kardashian bash is seeing which designer ensemble each of the sisters (and their mini mes) will select for their literal backyard party. (Of course their backyards are multi-acre expanses covered in faux snow, a massive igloo and tunnels of twinkle lights. But still.) While you likely don't have a Carolina Herrera gown hanging in your wardrobe, you can still fully lean into the glam with three little words: "Dress to impress," Sacks suggests writing on the invite.

And that's not the only instructions she would include. To set the stage for a truly epic night of karaoke, she advises assigning each guest or group a song, thus eliminating any stress about what to perform. "That way they can practice, they can have fun at home getting ready for the party," she explained. "So it's not like they show up and go, 'Okay, what songs are on the list? Which ones do I want?'"

Plus, you can ensure memories of the night are constantly playing in their mind by gifting each guest a Spotify of the tracks sung. This way, noted Sacks, "they would be able to singalong and remember all the beauty that they just experienced."

Put together some fun.

Throwing a puzzle contest might not initially seem like party behavior. "It sounds dorky, right?" Sacks allowed. "But it's not." Having fulfilled numerous client requests to set up some puzzles in front of a fireplace, she recommends making a game of it.

Buy multiples of the same set and assign groups, she explained and when "the buzzer goes, whoever has completed most of the puzzle is the winner." Their prize: A few trinkets hanging in stockings for first, second and third place, plus mini socks for the rest of the guests, she said, "so everybody's a winner."

Create a scene. 

Okay, so maybe you can't afford a full-size Santa sleigh. But Sacks insists decking your halls doesn't need to be that elaborate. Consider covering a buffet or sideboard in greenery then raising the platters of food so you can string lights underneath. If you do only one thing, steal this trick: Place cloves and cinnamon sticks in a pot of water and let it boil, described Sacks, "then you shut it off. That house is going to smell like nothing else."

Instagram / Kim Kardashian

Make the meal festive AF.

For Sacks, a dream menu would include squash soup, a salad with fruit and "a beautiful cheese," short ribs or salmon and broccolini. But if you have neither the culinary inclinations, nor the catering budget to pull off a grand menu, it's okay to outsource. Reach out to your favorite Italian eatery, she advises, and see if they'll put together a 'gram-worthy charcuterie plate if you provide your favorite elegant cheese board. While you're there, order up a few pizzas that can be placed on chic serving platters.

And be sure to fill your guests up with the holiday spirit(s). Sacks suggests mixing up pomegranate martinis with a greenery garnish and flutes of champagne flecked with gold dust. And even teetotalers will appreciate a solid hot cocoa bar with all the trimmings. 


Remember a photo booth is worth 1,000 memories.

While a photo booth is a must-have for Sacks, she swears it can be decidedly low-tech. "To me, there's nothing better than a blank wall," she said. "There's just you and the fun that you bring to the camera." (Plus whatever props you can round up, like a beautiful wrap or seasonal sunglasses.)

You can totally tap a pal to dress up as Saint Nick and another to play photographer, noted Sacks. Or simply ask the nearest person "if they could take a picture with your cell phone," she said. "And that's it."

Don't forget it's better to give than receive.

No, we're not suggesting you round-up an armload of Louis Vuittons to hand out. Simply ask anyone who wishes to participate to come with a gender-neutral gift in hand (set a price limit of your choice). When they arrive, their gift is assigned a number and they pull a different one and, et voilá, instant gift exchange.

A simple concept, but, swore Sacks, "The wealthiest of my clients participate in these type of things. And the reason they do it is because it brings the child out in each and every one of us. It brings laughter, it brings memories. And that's what you want them to leave your house with: a positive, positive memory."