TikTok's "I'm Cold" Makeup Trend Is Winter Glam Perfection

From a Rudolph-red nose to frosted eyelids, TikTok's newest beauty trend is all about transforming into a winter wonderland. Here's how to achieve the viral "I'm Cold" makeup look.

By Alyssa Morin Nov 28, 2022 7:51 PMTags
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Get ready to sleigh your makeup with TikTok's latest trend.

While the video-sharing platform has blessed users with the dotted makeup hack, the "vampire skin" effect and many others, there's a new buzz-worthy beauty style taking over: The "I'm Cold" makeup look.

The hashtag for the viral TikTok trend has amassed almost 80 million views (and counting), and it's a glamorous take on the natural flush your skin gets when you're outside in the wintertime. Think rose-colored cheeks, a Rudolph-red nose and brightened skin, especially in the eye area. 

So how can you achieve the "I'm Cold" makeup trend this holiday season? It's quite simple, as it's all about the blush. No makeup skills are necessary!

In many of the videos, TikTokers added an extra pop of pink to their skin by enhancing the facial areas that turn slightly red when it's icy outside, like the aforementioned cheeks, nose and, in some tutorials, their chin and lip area. In fact, you can use the "W" Blush trick to create a similar effect.

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Additionally, TikTok users finished the winter glam look with a shiny lip gloss and frosted eyeshadows on their lids and inner corners.

And this is where you can have fun with it and truly make it your own. Throw on a bold red lip or a dazzling jewel-toned shadow for extra oomph.


The best part about the makeup trend is that you don't even need to brave the cold to achieve it.

"I'm not built for the winter but at least my makeup looks cute," TikTok user ysumaya captioned her Nov. 13 tutorial. "my take on the "I'm cold" makeup trend that I LOVE."

User Sagszn—who also dressed the part in a white puffer coat, matching fuzzy earmuffs and baby blue hijab—wrote on her Nov. 17 video, "I'm overheating from wearing this fit indoors but I look like I'm fresh out the snow."

While it's unclear who the mastermind is behind the viral trend, TikTokers have replicated Kylie Jenner's makeup from her 2019 winter wonderland getaway. At the time, The Kardashians star showcased her sexy white catsuit, matching Chanel scarf and soft glam makeup—complete with rosy cheeks and lips, of course!

Kylie captioned the December 2019 post, in which she is posing next to Yris Palmer, "Took my bitch to the snow."

With the holidays swiftly approaching, there's no better time to try out the "I'm Cold" makeup trend. See one of the TikTok tutorials above!