Spencer Grammer Reveals What It's Really Like Working With Dad Kelsey Grammer

Actor Spencer Grammer exclusively told E! News what it was like to work with her dad Kelsey Grammer in their Lifetime Christmas movie The 12 Days of Christmas Eve, which premieres Nov. 26.

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Watch: Kelsey Grammer Talks Working With Daughter in Lifetime Movie

Kelsey Grammer and daughter Spencer Grammer are in the Christmas spirit. 

The Greek star got candid over what it was like to film a Christmas movie with her dad—which marks the first time the pair has worked together—and how doing so brought them closer.

"I haven't done any other Christmas movies, so it was my first experience in the Christmas world but it made it momentous for me to actually do a movie with my father," Spencer exclusively told E! News while promoting their new Lifetime movie The 12 Days of Christmas Eve. "I've always wanted to work with him."

She continued, "He's really been an incredible influence on the kind of work that I do and my comedic timing. It's always something I wanted to do and it was lovely."

Not only did they have "a wonderful time working together," but Spencer also admitted, "I would do it again and again and again!"

Kelsey Grammer Talks Working With Daughter in Lifetime Movie

In fact, when it came to separating the role of dad and executive producer, the Frasier alum didn't pull any boss moves. 

"My experience working with him was very easy," the 39-year-old shared. "I feel like that's how a set really works—it works from the top down—and you have people who you work with who are your bosses and they will set the tone for the show. I really think we were in great hands because my dad's a lovely man to work with."

Kelsey noted, "I do cultivate a nice experience around working with me—people who have worked with me know working with me is easy to do."


And when it comes to how Kelsey felt about working with his eldest child? It was a merry family affair. 

"She was lovely—she's a pro," the 67-year-old said. "She hits the ground running, she's prepared, she shows up and she's also smart—which is one of the greatest things about an actors that I've noticed in general is—the good ones are smart people." 

Kelsey continued, "She's a good actor. She's got the stuff."

The 12 Days of Christmas Eve hits Lifetime Nov. 26. Watch Kelsey and Spencer's full interview here.

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