Tom Hollander and Leo Woodall React to That Shocking White Lotus Scene

In an exclusive interview with E! News, The White Lotus stars Tom Hollander and Leo Woodall revealed their reactions to the scandalous final scene from the Nov. 27 episode.

By Daniel Trainor Nov 28, 2022 3:05 AMTags
Watch: Tom Hollander & Leo Woodall React to THAT White Lotus Scene

This article contains spoilers from the Nov. 27 episode of The White Lotus

Excuse us, we just need to pick our jaws up off the floor.

While we've come to expect the unexpected from The White Lotus, we were not prepared for what the Nov. 27 episode had in store.

After being woken up in the middle of the night, Tanya (Jennifer Coolidge) stumbled into a separate room only to find Quentin (Tom Hollander) having sex with his nephew Jack (Leo Woodall). 

Moments earlier, Jack arrived to Quentin's Palermo home from a date with Portia (Haley Lu Richardson) and said, "I have to do something for my uncle."

This was no small favor.

For the actors involved, the scene represented a bit of sordid gusto from White Lotus creator and writer Mike White.

"Tanya witnessing it, it's delicious and it makes you realize that he really has got a plan and the writer really is going somewhere," Hollander exclusively told E! News. "He hasn't lost his way with this story. It's very, very confident."

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Hollander also recognized that the scene provided some connective tissue to the first season of The White Lotus—we're thinking of one salacious scene between Murray Bartlett and Lukas Gage, in particular.

"In a way, it was ‘Ah, there it is! There's that scene!'" he said. "That unforgettable moment where someone pulls back a curtain and you see something that is intensely private that is not supposed to be watched by everyone else."

In finding out about the scene, Hollander was excited—but his mind immediately went in another direction, as well.

"Having read it, I thought, ‘Well, this is going to be fun,'" he said. "Then it was just about making sure I was in sufficiently reasonable shape to be filmed."


For his part, Woodall knew his character would be getting frisky—it is The White Lotus after all—but he didn't see this particular twist coming.

"I was told that Jack gets a bit randy with a couple of people," Woodall told E! News. "I thought, ‘I wonder who.' Didn't expect it to be Tom Hollander!"


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