BiP's Victoria Fuller Teases "A Bunch of Grippo Babies" Are In Her and Greg Grippo's Future

After revealing that she and Johnny DePhillipo are no longer engaged during the Bachelor in Paradise reunion, Victoria Fuller exclusively dished on her new relationship with Greg Grippo.

By Daniel Trainor, Charlotte Walsh Nov 23, 2022 5:18 PMTags

Victoria Fuller has seemingly found paradise—after leaving the beach.

The medical sales representative, who first appeared on Peter Weber's season of The Bachelor before getting engaged to Johnny DePhillipo on season eight of Bachelor in Paradise, is revealing what's in the future for her and her new beau, fellow Bachelor Nation alum Greg Grippo

"Greg and I are very, very happy right now," Fuller exclusively revealed to E! News at Bachelor in Paradise's post-reunion taping red carpet on Nov. 5. "We are just enjoying being able to finally be together. We don't know what the future holds, but maybe it's a bunch of Grippo babies. We'll see!"

On Nov. 22's Bachelor in Paradise reunion, fans saw Fuller get engaged to DePhillipo on the beaches of Mexico—after which things quickly took a turn. During the episode, DePhillipo revealed that the two were only engaged for "a month" before breaking up, and accused her of cheating on him with Grippo, which she denied. In return, Fuller said DePhillipo called her a "f--king c--t" during an argument.

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Now, Fuller is reflecting back on their relationship, bringing up the concern that DePhillipo wasn't ready for an engagement—something she expressed on Bachelor in Paradise

"What was that intention there? That was something I struggled with with Johnny," she explained. "I think he's an amazing guy, but at the end of the day, there was that question: 'OK, what is the end game here?' Especially when comments were made on his end. At this point in my life, I need someone who can match my energy and that's why I'm with Greg. We compliment each other."

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So, is there hope for the two to make amends? 

"Johnny is an amazing man who is going to make some girl very, very happy," Fuller noted. "Reflecting back, I see it, but it's not really me. I felt myself compromising for things I wouldn't normally compromise for. I wasn't in a conducive environment for growing—you're kind of stunted. You don't really have outside sources giving their input. Looking back, I compromised a lot of what I normally wouldn't to make that relationship work. Ultimately, it didn't."

All of Bachelor in Paradise season eight is now streaming on Hulu. 

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