It's GOOP day!

Typically Gwyneth Paltrow likes to use her weekly lifestyle newsletter for evil. Like bizarre name-dropping (remember William Joel?) or meaningful quote fails ("A long-term relationship between two people is an ever evolving organism. Some stay the course, some fall, all stumble.") Or to inform us about her bowel movements.

But this week, Gwynnie treats us to our first video GOOP and she actually does some good (and you heard right, GOOP TV is finally here. Rejoice?)...

In fact, Gwyneth's little cooking show, which includes a roasted chicken and fresh salad recipe, is kinda enjoyable to watch. Sure the usual GOOPisms are all there—her overuse of superlatives, the patronizing "this is what I call fast food"—but overall, pretty useful stuff.

Gwynnie even included a downloadable file so we can enjoy this video anywhere we want, over and over again on our iPods. She always knows just what we need!


Gwyneth sometimes does movies, you know? After all, it was acting that launched her career in lifestyle advice. Anyway, check out stills from Iron Man 2 in our Comic-Con gallery. 

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