Gavin Rossdale Details Holiday Plans With His and Gwen Stefani’s 3 Kids

Gavin Rossdale shared that he will be hosting Thanksgiving with fourteen people including his three sons with ex Gwen Stefani. Scroll down to hear what the Bush guitarist had to say.

By Alexandra Bellusci Nov 21, 2022 6:23 PMTags
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Gavin Rossdale is ready for Turkey Day.

The Bush musician shared that his plans for Thanksgiving involve hosting a large group of friends and family, including his three sons, Kingston Rossdale, 16, Zuma Nesta Rock Rossdale, 14 and Apollo Bowie Flynn Rossdale, 8, who he shares with ex-wife Gwen Stefani. 

"I have my boys this year—I trade off—so this year I have fourteen people for lunch or dinner," Gavin exclusively told E! News during the AMA red carpet Nov. 20. "So we're doing that and trying feed everyone up and have a great time. It's so nice because it's the one holiday where there is no pressure of gifts."

He continued, "Christmas you're always like, 'Oh my god the pressure' but this has no pressure aside from don't screw up the cooking."

And when it comes to family traditions? The 57-year-old said that during his gathering, his guests will share their gratitude, noting that he is grateful for his sons as well as his health and his band and management.

"We're going to express who and what we are thankful for as everyone should," he revealed. "Because gratitude is everything."

Who Does Gavin Rossdale Want to Collab With? He Says…

Last month Gavin exclusively spoke to E! News about his tight-knit bond with his kids and balancing life on the road with fatherhood.

"I think it's all about just the time you spend with them," he explained. "It's just unfortunate sometimes they have school and they have to be elsewhere. Everything is better when they're there."

And when Bush hit the road over the summer, his boys were on board and ended up making concerts nights all about family.

"They are at a brilliant age now,"  the guitarist said. "They can totally relax and chill and the old ones can go around the place. One has a job doing this and that. It's just a fun process that everyone knows is a safe environment. They love it."


So, in the eyes of his kids, Gavin is most certainly a cool dad.

"Sometimes our shows are pretty physical and expressive," he shared. "You can be throwing guitars and sometimes I'm like, ‘I'm sorry to tell you that's your dad's life but I just love it.' I think they pick up on the authenticity of the performance, of the moment and the reaction that it gets and just it's a bubble we live in." 


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