Landon Barker Shares Rare Glimpse Into His Relationship With Dad Travis Barker

In an exclusive interview with E! News, Landon Barker also shared what impresses him most about Travis Barker during this chapter of his life: “He’s making s--t happen.”

By Mike Vulpo Nov 18, 2022 1:00 PMTags
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It's all the small things that make Travis Barker one special dad.

At the age of 19, Landon Barker remains in awe of his rock star father. And while some kids at his age may want to distance themselves from their parents, Landon cherishes the special bond they have.

"He's always in my corner," he told E! News in an exclusive interview. "He's always there for me as I am for him."

It certainly was the case when Landon headed to The Roxy Theatre in Los Angeles on Oct. 16 to deliver a special concert event. During the show, the Blink-182 drummer came out onstage to perform an unreleased collaboration with his son.

The gesture means even more to Landon as he watches his dad enter a new chapter of his career.

"I guess the best way to say it is he's making s--t happen and doing things that he genuinely enjoys," Landon explained. "If that's putting Blink back together, if that's being in the studio, whatever it is, I feel like he's prioritizing what he wants and people are impressed by it and people enjoy it."

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The singer added, "I feel like he's really just doing what makes him happy."

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But perhaps the same can be said for Landon. In addition to creating music and performing in iconic venues, he's also making a name for himself in the fashion world. One look at his Instagram and you'll instantly spot a signature style.

When asked to describe his looks, Landon said they are "just me."

"I just wear what I like and whatever I see that speaks to me, I'll wear it," he said. "Some things will and some things don't. I feel like it's just me being myself. I feel like that's really how I developed my style."

And if you're not impressed, you can keep your comments to yourself. 

"If they don't like what I wear, I don't care," Landon said. "I like it and that's all that matters."

Another thing Landon loves is decompressing and escaping into the gaming world of Fortnite. Just in time for the holidays, Landon partnered up with Timex to celebrate the "Race Against TimeX" in Fortnite.

@landonbarkerr I had so much fun playing the new “Race Against TimeX” in Fortnite creative mode Island Code: 1359-6287-8998 #timex, #RaceAgainstTimeX ? Aesthetic - Tollan Kim

"I've been playing Fortnite probably since I was 14 or 15," he shared. "I feel like video games in general are somewhat therapeutic because you can take all your thoughts and get away from all your other negative things that you're consistently thinking about and just focus on something else."

And if you're curious to hear of Landon's top competition, it's likely not his dad. 

"My dad doesn't play video games, but my little sister plays Fortnite," he revealed. "I feel like it's become such a worldwide game."

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