Recording Artist-Director Kameko Tarnez on His $30 Million Film and New Docuseries Deal

After much success, Kameko decided to leave the music industry and redirect his energy behind the scenes.

By Jessica Goldblum Media Nov 22, 2022 4:00 PMTags
Ascend Agency, Kameko TarnezCourtesy of Archrok Ent.


Kameko Tarnez is an international recording artist that many are familiar with because of his magical voice, striking looks and breathtaking stage presence. However, after much success and a clear path to superstardom, Kameko decided to leave the music industry and redirect his energy behind the scenes.

While on hiatus, he wrote his first novel and developed multiple screenplays. During this time Kameko and his investment partners also produced several successful independent films and are currently producing a $30 million per film Egyptian trilogy titled Protector of the Gods.

The upcoming trilogy was coined by GQ magazine as "Hollywood's First All-Black Egypt Film" because it will be the first time that the leading roles of the kings, queens and gods will be played by black actors and actresses. The film will take us on an afro-futuristic journey following three of Egypt's most powerful female pharaohs—Hatshepsut in Volume 1, Nefertiti in Volume 2, and Cleopatra in Volume 3—as they fight to save the royal bloodline and preserve the sacred knowledge of the gods they praise.

This future legend doesn't stop at just a film trilogy! In fact, the Protector of the Gods films also have an attached comic book and a 3-D animation series in the works.

To all those that have been wondering "What's going on with Kameko Tarnez?", well we can promise you it's about to be Kameko-mania! He just signed a deal for a new docuseries and is now gearing up for cameras to start following him around the globe! This will give fans what they've been waiting for, an inside look at the life of the mysterious Kameko!

The series will allow audiences to witness how Kameko juggles his multifaceted career, health, spirituality and family while living out of a suitcase. Cameras will follow him on movie sets, in the recording studio and more! The man himself, will also be giving us new music very soon! More info on the docuseries and Kameko will be announced at a later date. 

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