Watch Kate Winslet Team Up With Daughter Mia Threapleton in I Am Ruth Trailer

Kate Winslet will co-star with her daughter Mia Threapleton in the Channel 4 drama I Am Ruth, which marks the second time the mother-daughter duo will act together onscreen.

By Angie Orellana Hernandez Nov 15, 2022 10:01 PMTags
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It's a family affair for Kate Winslet.

The Oscar winner will act alongside her 22-year-old daughter Mia Threapleton in upcoming drama I Am Ruth, where the pair will play role a mother and daughter navigating a tense relationship. In Channel 4's newly released trailer for the TV movie, Kate—who plays the titular Ruth—is seen showing grave concern for her daughter Freya, played by Mia, and her excessive social media habits.

"Where's my phone," a distraught Freya asks Ruth in one of the tense scenes, to which her mother replies, "It's what's making you ill."

Another preview shows the duo arguing at their house, where Freya cries, "I'm sorry that I'm not perfect," and later rushes out the door, while yelling at her mother, "You are driving me to do this."

I Am Ruth is the seventh installment in the women-led I Am anthology series, created by Dominic Savage. The latest feature-length episode's focus on social media was created and developed by Dominic and Kate, who shares Mia with ex-husband Jim Threapleton, to tell a story about "the endemic mental health crisis affecting young people."

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"The film offers an honest and authentic portrayal of a mother and daughter's increasingly strained relationship," a Channel 4 press release said, "Winslet stars as Ruth, a loving and concerned mother who witnesses her teenage daughter Freya retreating into herself as she becomes more and more consumed by the pressures of social media."

As for Kate and Mia this marks their second time working on the same project after the 2014 film, A Little Chaos. Last April, Kate told Lorraine Kelly how she felt about seeing her daughter follow in her footsteps.

Channel 4

"That's been a wonderful thing that I think I knew was coming, I think I always suspected," she said. "And then a few years ago she turned around and said, 'I think I would like to give it a go.'"

I Am Ruth will hit Channel 4 at the end of 2022.

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