Why Cameron Diaz Credits Benji Madden for Making Her Holiday Gift Picks Extra Special

If you're not sure what to get for your friends and family, don't worry because E! Holiday Guest Editor Cameron Diaz has you covered.

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We interviewed Cameron Diaz because we think you'll like her picks. The products featured are from Cameron's brand, Avaline. E! has affiliate relationships, so we may get a commission if you purchase something through our links. Items are sold by the retailer, not E!. Prices are accurate as of publish time.

Holiday shopping can be a tough task, even if you're Cameron Diaz. The E! Holiday Guest Editor said, "Gift giving is one of those things that can be so hard. It can be tough knowing what everyone wants." Even so, her husband Benji Madden has influenced her to step up her game. She explained, "My husband is so great at gifts and he surprises me a lot. He loves to do all that. He really puts the time in. He thinks about something for a super long time and makes sure it gets done perfectly. I just wonder how he does it." 

Benji's thoughtful gifts put a bit of pressure on Cameron, but it turned into something positive, with Cameron remarking, "I took on this 'I have to figure this out' attitude so he can have his dreams come true." When it comes to holiday gift shopping, Cameron is all about useful picks, and when she shops for someone who seemingly has all the practical items, she takes the sentimental route. And, of course, she is the co-founder of Avaline, which means wine is always a gift option.

Cameron shared gift suggestions for everyone on your list and she even shared her gift giving strategy when she's shopping for sister-in-law Nicole Richie.

How E! Guest Editor Cameron Diaz Is Kicking Off the Holiday Season

Cameron Diaz Holiday Gift Q&A


E!: When you're gifts shopping for your husband, do you ever reach out to Joel Madden for insights?
CD: I think that's a good way to do it. If you're really stuck on a gift, ask the twin or someone else they're super close with. If there's something that they really love, and it's outside of what you two do together, ask someone else. Guys can be hard to shop for, for me at least, so I can always use an assist. I just want everyone to like what they're getting, so I don't mind tag teaming the idea. I also always get gift receipts and put those in the bag too. 

E!: Is your sister-in-law Nicole Richie easy to shop for when it comes to holiday gifts?
CD: She's cool with just getting a little something for the house. Or sometimes I don't get her anything at all and she's okay with that. We just make sure we are on the same page. Last year, we were like "Can we please no get each other anything for Christmas?"

E!: When you finish a movie, do you give gifts to the cast and crew?
CD: There's always a gift for the crew. A lot of the time it's sweatshirt, t-shirt, or bag, and it could be something personalized. It's a nice parting gift with friends. You get really close to the crew. It just depends on the specifics of here you're filming, what you guys did together during filming or outside of filming at that time.

E!: What's a good gift recommendation if you're shopping for someone else's kids?
CD: I would go with cash. I think there's something really nice about that. A gift certificate is good. I always ask they parents what store they really like and get a card from that store.

Cameron Diaz's Holiday Gift Picks

Baimei Jade Roller & Gua Sha Set

E!: What are some good gifts for the closest friends in your life?
CD:  For my girlfriends, I always try to find something we can do together. An activity or a trip. Or if there's some sort of beauty product, I try to buy a bunch to give to my girlfriends. I just give them the same gift, so it's less to think about— a skin treatment or something like that. I think jade rollers are great gift. I feel like a lot of people have them already, but they're a fun thing to have.

This two-piece set comes in six colors and it has 36,200+ 5-star Amazon reviews.

Waterpik Complete Care 9.0 Sonic Electric Toothbrush with Water Flosser

"You can get your girlfriends like a Waterpik toothbrush. I know people may be like 'Why did you give this to me?' and I will be like 'because it's f-cking fun.' They would never have something like this if they were the one shopping. There is just something super satisfying about it. And you know, it's good hygiene."

This set comes in two colors and it has 6,100+ 5-star Amazon reviews.

Avaline The Holiday Collection

"With our holiday bundle, we have a limited edition of the merlot. Other than our core wines, which are red, white, and rosé, everything is limited edition because they're made by smaller producers in smaller batches. We have two whites and four reds. We're offering merlot, syrah, bobal, penedés, tinto, sauvignon blanc, and viognier."

"It's a collection you can give to other people as a gift. Or you can split it up and keep one for yourself and give out individual bottles to different people. A variety of different wines would be great for a dinner party whether you're hosting or attending."

Shutterfly Photo Album

E!: What are some good gift ideas for someone you're in a long-term relationship with?
CD: Nobody is going to be mad at a memory, a sentimental gift. Something with photos is great. If you have kids, pictures of the kids would be great. A nicely bound book would be great.

Aura Carver HD Smart Digital Picture Frame 10.1 Inch WiFi Cloud Digital Photo Frame, Free Unlimited Storage, Send Photos from Anywhere

"A digital frame is a good gift too. It's nice to sit back and look at a picture. It's a nice thing to have without going on your phone."

This frame comes in four colors and it has 5,800+ 5-star Amazon reviews.

Benson Mills Harmony Scroll Woven Damask Fabric Set of 4 Napkins

E!: What's a good gift for a new couple, or someone in a less-defined romantic relationship?
CD: I think a nice gift at that new relationship stage is something personal, but totally innocuous at the same time are beautiful, simple woven napkins. Something nice for the holidays, maybe to put cocktails on. It's something a person may not think to get for themselves, but they'll use. Get a set in a nice cotton in a neutral or if you know they like a certain color, get that. If you've been to their home and know the color scheme, you can coordinate. It becomes something decorative, but not a major design statement that's disrupting someone's home décor.

This set comes in four colors and there six sizes to choose from. These napkins have 2,600+ 5-star Amazon reviews.

Harry and David American-Style Apple Pie

E!: Aside from Avaline wine, what are good go-to gifts for someone that may be tough to shop for?
CD: I don't eat pastries and cakes all the time, other than during a holiday. A beautiful pie or pastry is a nice thing. It's another of those things where you have a lot of options. You can go sugar-free, gluten-free, and there are so many different kinds of baked goods now. You can support local businesses or even some small businesses that aren't near you if you order them online.

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(This interview has been edited and condensed for length and clarity.)