Love Island's Deb Chubb and Sydney Paight Set the Record Straight on Their Love Lives

In an exclusive interview, Love Island USA stars Deb Chubb and Sydney Paight shared an update on their romantic relationships with their respective boyfriends, Jesse Bray and Isaiah Campbell.

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They may have left the island, but Deb Chubb and Sydney Paight still have love on the brain.

More than two months after Love Island USA premiered its reunion show, viewers may be curious to know how some of the hottest couples of the season are doing today. If you ask Sydney, things with Isaiah Campbell are stronger than ever.

"We text all day," she told E! News in an exclusive interview at Angela Parretta's Drenched OC grand opening celebration on Nov. 10. "We FaceTime all the time too. He just texted me five minutes ago. We're still together, but it's hard with the time difference. He stays up so late though. When I go out, he stays up until five in the morning."

For the time being, Sydney is calling Los Angeles home as Isaish tries to move out of Florida to be closer to his girlfriend.

"Isaiah did come to Houston with me and my mom loves him," Sydney added. "Things are good."

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For Deb, she's excited Jesse Bray has moved to California. But despite speculation that they moved in together, Deb said he still lives an hour away from her Los Angeles home. 

Dave Starbuck

"He moved in with one of his friends," she explained. "He's getting adjusted and we're all trying to figure out our next career moves. It's hard to see each other all the time, but we're doing good."

And as the couples get used to their new reality away from any cameras, both Sydney and Deb are grateful they had the chance to participate in Peacock's reality show.

"I always thought of it as relationship bootcamp," Deb shared, when summarizing her experience. "I went into the villa saying, ‘I need to learn how to stand up for myself and speak what I want and tell a man what I need from him.' Then I find myself in situations where I find myself having to do those things."


Sydney added, "You talk to so many people so you really figure out what you like and what you don't like really quickly and you're forced to make quick decisions. I feel like it made me have a clear head on my shoulders of what I want and don't want in a guy."

While some shows have stars getting engaged on finale night, both Deb and Sydney have no regrets about taking their time and really getting to know their partner. 

"I just met this guy," Sydney explained. "No way am I even ready to move in. I want to take things slow especially when you live in a hyper focused environment."


It appears to be a winning strategy. As Deb pointed out, the final three couples—including winners Zeta Morrison and Timmy Pandolfi—are still together to this day.

"It's so cool that the only couples are the three finalists and we were the three on day one who stepped forward for the guys that we're still with," she said. "We are making it work."

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