Lala Kent's Daughter Ocean Hospitalized After "Gasping for Air"

Lala Kent reflected on a scary situation in which her 20-month-old daughter Ocean—whom she shared with ex Randall Emmett—was hospitalized after being unable to breathe.

By Alexandra Bellusci Nov 10, 2022 6:38 PMTags
Watch: Lala Kent's Daughter Ocean Hospitalized After "Gasping for Air"

Lala Kent is speaking out about her daughter's recent health scare.

The Vanderpump Rules star shared that she rushed daughter Ocean, whom she shares with ex-fiancée Randall Emmett, to the hospital on Nov. 2 after putting the 20-month-old to bed, explaining she realized "something was wrong" after hearing the baby cry.

"So I go in, and she is gasping for air like she cannot breathe," Lala explained during her Nov. 9 episode of the Give Them Lala podcast. "Here's the thing—I didn't know she was okay, but it was a good sign for me that she was screaming because if she weren't screaming and she really couldn't breathe, I don't know that that would have been possible. I'm no doctor but that put my mind at ease a little bit."

However, after "keeping an eye on her for what seemed like an hour which was really five minutes," Lala, not wanting to take any chances, brought Ocean to Cedar Sinai Hospital.

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"So I'm checking in and she lets out this cry and then a cough and this nurse overhears her and says ‘How long has that baby been doing that?' I said I don't know because I just got her back," she continued. "I share custody right now. I got her at 7, put her down, this is what I have now. I was told that my baby was doing great when she was at the other house."


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Ocean was ultimately diagnosed with croup—an infection in the upper airway that makes it hard to breathe—and was prescribed a steroid "to release the airway" which immediately helped her.

"Luckily Ocean's lungs are developed, so it is something that if you catch it quickly is very treatable," an emotional Lala noted. "I was in hysterics which obviously wasn't helping the situation but I'm a new mom and had no idea what the f–k is going on."

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