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Today's Twitterverse is about old-people-not-getting-Twitter jokes. They're definitely not the best jokes, but they're happening today. 

Haha, old people don't get technology because they're so old, and OMG! my parents joined Facebook; what is this Internet coming to?! Hmm, not that funny, but maybe someone else can make it work?

First up, we have Emmy Rossum who recounts this recent discussion: "Convo:OLD MAN: what are you doing on your phone? ME: I'm checking twitter OLD MAN: oh is that like spacebook? My son is on the spacebook!"

Oh, what a silly old man, he called it Spacebook! What a technology foul. Our next act comes courtesy of Kevin Spacey and David Letterman...

Spacey tried to explain how the Twitter works last night, but Dave just couldn't see the point in using your thumbs to type and send out a tweet like this:

Kevin Spacey, Twitter Page


As Dave put it: "You know what it reminds me of? Oh yeah, a waste of time." And he's right, who needs to wait around an hour for a "hi" back?

Kevin Spacey really should have worked on his Twitter pitch before trying to win over grumpy old Dave. He failed to point out so many of the benefits Twitter offers to young people.

Like in MIA's case, it's a chance to share a pic of her 5-month-old son, Ikhyd, dressed up as her little Grammys mini-me.

M.I.A, Ikhyd Edgar Arular Bronfman

Lester Cohen/Getty Images, twitpic.com/b2jgg

Cute, right?

The microblogging site also offers an easy way to wish Selena Gomez a happy 17th birthday. Yes, she is almost old and will soon forget what Twitter is, but she deserves some yellow roses anyway.

Selena Gomez


So yes, there are actual reasons to twitter or something. Just "lay off the hi's and old people technology jokes" is the lesson here. Twitterschool dismissed.


What else have famous people been using Twitter for? We have been compiling that sort of important data for some time right here.

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